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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: GOOG Authenticator Borked?

Diamond Tree writes: I have noticed, over time, a large number of duplicate digits (out of 6) in my 2FA for my Google Account.

Just in front of me now, typing as it cycles: two 1s out of 6 digits; three 9s out of 6 digits; two 9s; two 3s; two 8s & two 3s (same code); two 1s; two 4s & two 3s (same code)... etc., etc.

Anyone got a statistical analysis of the likelihood of so many apparent duplicate numbers?
Anyone know if the GOOG authenticator is compromised, or indirect evidence of same?

Or, is it some kind of setup-related issue?

Or, is it not an issue?

Comment Re:Austin? (Score 1) 464

Follow some of the tech companies that thought the same thing and looked for lower cost data centre cooling bills. Hate to have the neighborhood become crowded, but have you seen the location of the air cooled Facebook Datacenter? Others are moving in for the same reasons. Nearest interstate freeway is about 50 miles away. If you don't like big cities.

Comment Re:Go to bars to drink (Score 3, Informative) 79

Since many are USB devices, and programmed by special barcodes to enable and disable various symbologies, with enough info on the target scanner, you can reprogram the scanner with a barcode to enable a full ascii symbology, then scan in the attack code. Like many thumb drives, BIOS, etc, there is no write protect to prevent unauthorised alteration of the configuration.

Comment Re:Gun free zone = target rich zone (Score -1, Troll) 965

I wonder if they are going to learn from the Swiss that a Gun Free zone is a target zone. People should be trained and armed when there are valid threats in the area. Why just be victims? They have had one mass shooting. Want to guess how it ended?

Comment Re:Then what are they going to do with the extra t (Score 1) 242

Someone tried to tell me that programs are the same length they used to be with the same amount for station breaks and words from sponsors. I didn't take them at their word but looked online for episodes of old shows and news shows and compaired the lengths.

Do it yourself. Find online episodes of Gilligan's Island or other popular '60s and '70s shows and check the run length of modern shows.
Season 1 episode 3 on Youtube is 23min+
Survivor Season 30 episode 8 is 37 min and 2 seconds.

Oldies 46 min of program per hour. Now 37 min per hour. Almost 10 minutes per hour more than what I grew up with. Save a lot of time just watching the episodes online on Youtube a couple years later with the commercials cut.

Don't let anyone pass the lie that there are not more commercials. It is a fact that in an hour there is LESS program.

Comment Re:Streisand effect to the rescue (Score 1) 187

Overseas security companies and the Streisand effect. Anonymous tip-offs by post with false return addresses of backdoors to security researches will be published. Streisand effect can't be stopped by 1 rogue nation on the global internet. Search for photos of Barbara's coastal home, Tienanmen square, German concentration camps, etc.

Comment Re:All Robocalls should be illegal (Score 1) 108

Had an unlisted number when we had foster kids. The new number used to belong to some deadbeat. Started getting automated calls for Joseph T****. I was not him, so the calls continued for several months. The recording gave a callback number and the automated call did not have any option to talk to anybody. Did a search online to find the culprit and found a collection agency in Illinois. Called their direct number and asked to be removed from their telemarketing and add me to their do not call database. They informed me it was not a telemarketing call. When given the number they claimed to fix it for me. This calling continued another couple of months with several calls to get it fixed. Last time I called they claimed the number the automated system was calling did not contian my number. I called BS and informed them continued calls will be recored by the answering machine with time and date stamp and will be billed at $50 each. They finally quit calling. If I didn't speak English, there would have been no way to get the calls stopped.

Runaway autmated collection calls must be stopped. I sould not have to spend that much time and effort to stop the calls. Almost had to change my number to end the calls. This should not be rockt science to fix. /End Rant. This does need fixed. All automated collection calls should have an option to contact a live person. No Exceptions. The BS of not fixing it because I am not the target is bad business. And yes they were reported to BBB.

Comment Re:Security isn't a product (Score 1) 291

From their homepage: "Only two remote holes in the default install, in a heck of a long time!" Granted the default install can't do much, but the code was gone over in a massive audit. Everything is still checked for correctness.

Not saying Linux sucks, but I sleep better at night knowing OpenBSD powers much of what I am responsible for.

Comment Security isn't a product (Score 1) 291

Security in Linux has been looked at as something you bolt-on after the fact. It was not designed from the ground-up with security in mind. Look at OpenBSD as an example: rock solid security and when a rare remote exploit is found, it's usually news on sites like /.

Comment Re:Detecting weapons is NOT the purpose of TSA... (Score 3, Interesting) 349

Before 9/11 I had a service call. Took an 18 inch mechanics toolbox as carry one. Appologiezed for forgetting to remove a box cutter in screening and mentioned for them to take it as it would be easly replaced. They let me keep it but was more concerned with the screwdrivers at the time. I assuered them it would be kept under the seat and remain closed for the trip. They let me keep the box cutter.

Post 911 is more difficult to travel with tools.

You don't have to know how the computer works, just how to work the computer.