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Comment I owe Mims my life (Score 1) 105

When I was a kid in the 80's, I was interested in electronics... it was Mims books and Radio Shack that made my interest bloom from a mere hobby to eventually a profession. I'm not genius, but because of Forrest Mims books and Radio Shack, I was doing a lot more than "building" a clock. Thank you Forrest, your books resonated with me a a young age. I was able to understand the content and experiment with some really interesting projects, learning a lot along the way. Arduino is the new electronics breadboard, but I am grateful I understand analog electronics as a result of my education from his books. Digital is 'simple' in comparison.

Comment Re:I farted (Score 0) 184

Agreed 100% - I drive mint while talking on a cell phone. I travel with a group of very opinionated and honest friends - we will tell each other anything with no hesitation and in all these years, no one has bitched about my driving while on the phone. Texting/reading email/etc - pretty dangerous - guilty of doing that a few times, won't do it anymore. Also depends on whom you're speaking with - I never pick up calls from customers while driving, just mainly people I don't care about not being at my very best on the phone with like suppliers/co-workers/wife/family/etc.;) Messing with Bluetooth always seems like that's going to get me to crash the car - that S*** never works properly with my vehicle for some reason. What I think is absolutely incredible is how Cops are superior beings and can use their radios/cellphones and mobile computers while driving. "They are trained - yeah right" - give us the opportunity to be trained as well. Driving and talking on the phone should be a RIGHT, not an offense. If you can't handle it, know enough not to do it. I heard eating/drinking(not booze) while driving can be an offense as well - unbelievable. There must be a lot of uncoordinated chumps out there. Thanks for screwing this up for the rest of us.

Comment Re:Quit being douches! (Score 1) 118

And when you say something positive about microsoft, people accuse you of being 'paid' by them to say something nice. I've been on here before, simply stated I "like my windows phone" and I get trashed for saying it. Why are /. folks often so anti-microsoft? Businesses do 'shady' things all the time - all businesses suck. that's the world we live in - why single out MS when others are just or more deserving of that negative attention. If /. readers wouldn't be so close minded, your message should be scored no less than 3 out of 5 in my opinion. I'm a little disappointed with tech as a whole - Apple has won, Linux isn't installed in as many places as it could be - and the masses INCLUDING IT pros have bought into the cloud too much. Microsoft to me is still somewhat partner friendly, giving IT pros more opportunity for revenue potential by deploying solutions. "OLD IT" is on it's way out. Our jobs are being turned into cable tv repairman type of jobs as all the computing is done in closed data centers.

Comment Re:I did exactly the oppposite (Score 1) 184

I had the same problem. Intentionally left a ShopVac outside, worked perfectly, cosmetic condition was A+ (sign said, 'works').... Just (maybe) needed a filter (Home Depot). They took the copper coils out of the motor, left the unit behind - useless unit now. That is why I did the 24 pair Cat 3 copper on top of the fiber... hopefully they broke their backs loading the spool on to the pick up truck.

Comment I did exactly the oppposite (Score 5, Funny) 184

I had a giant spool of fiber cable in my garage (about 1/2" thick cable, 12 strand burial 62.5 multimode) - 62.5 is pretty obsolete. Guys come around garbage night picking up scrap metal from homes on the street.... I tried leaving the giant spool of fiber out before and they knew it was fiber so they didn't take it. I waited a few months, I wrap a little bit of 24 pair cat 3 telephone cable on the very outer layer, BAM! entire 180lbs fiber spool gone by the metal guys! They got a few feet of copper, and a whole bunch of useless fiber, I was so happy! Remember, spool was heavy, took up too much space, I don't feel like having Kijiji/Craigslist people come to my home - I just wanted it gone. Cat 3 24pair?... no tears shed over that either.

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