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Comment I owe Mims my life (Score 1) 105

When I was a kid in the 80's, I was interested in electronics... it was Mims books and Radio Shack that made my interest bloom from a mere hobby to eventually a profession. I'm not genius, but because of Forrest Mims books and Radio Shack, I was doing a lot more than "building" a clock. Thank you Forrest, your books resonated with me a a young age. I was able to understand the content and experiment with some really interesting projects, learning a lot along the way. Arduino is the new electronics breadboard, but I am grateful I understand analog electronics as a result of my education from his books. Digital is 'simple' in comparison.

Comment Re:I farted (Score 0) 184

Agreed 100% - I drive mint while talking on a cell phone. I travel with a group of very opinionated and honest friends - we will tell each other anything with no hesitation and in all these years, no one has bitched about my driving while on the phone. Texting/reading email/etc - pretty dangerous - guilty of doing that a few times, won't do it anymore. Also depends on whom you're speaking with - I never pick up calls from customers while driving, just mainly people I don't care about not being at my very best on the phone with like suppliers/co-workers/wife/family/etc.;) Messing with Bluetooth always seems like that's going to get me to crash the car - that S*** never works properly with my vehicle for some reason. What I think is absolutely incredible is how Cops are superior beings and can use their radios/cellphones and mobile computers while driving. "They are trained - yeah right" - give us the opportunity to be trained as well. Driving and talking on the phone should be a RIGHT, not an offense. If you can't handle it, know enough not to do it. I heard eating/drinking(not booze) while driving can be an offense as well - unbelievable. There must be a lot of uncoordinated chumps out there. Thanks for screwing this up for the rest of us.

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