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Comment Re:Quelle surprise! (Score 1) 58 58

How dare you criticize your lords and masters, who are so much better than you? You must accept those sacrifice for the good of yoorop. Bend over, spread open your anus and think of the glory of yoorop! /s

I am not criticizing my masters, I am criticizing those servants who do not have a class consciousness. Therefore, as I have class consciousness, I pay attention and take my anus very tight.

Comment Re:Quelle surprise! (Score 1) 58 58

(I am the same person who commented before)..... I don't know. In my opinion, after 1989 the situation is getting every day worse in the whole Europe and we're losing those rights that we had before. Nowadays, everybody, center-left and center-right politicians, tend to abolish "welfare" and "state healthcare". Only extreme left is trying to defend those rights.... and I belong to those "crazy" extreme-leftists. In Italy, before '90, we had things like "equo canone", and renting a house was really cheap, we had the "scala mobile" and salaries were growing with the cost of life, car insurance prices were controlled and they were very cheap.... we had, we had, we had.... now we have nothing and in the near future we'll have even less. Now they call it "modernity", but it really looks like something that we already had in the XIX century.....

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