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Comment: downtown lockdown (Score 2) 529

by max99ted (#48204931) Attached to: Shooting At Canadian Parliament

I work at 55 Metcalfe st which is the corner of Queen and Metcalfe. I can see the parliament buildings from one of the corner offices. We are still locked down and cannot leave the premises. I think every police officer in the city is down here they are currently doing a grid search of buildings between Queen and Wellington streets.

Comment: Re:Good idea, but too much trouble in the real wor (Score 1) 301

by max99ted (#37704218) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is Reverse DNS a Worthy Standard For Fighting Spam?

We pay our ISP to provide 'queue service' in the event our connection/Exchange box goes down. When 'selling' this service to the bosses I put it this way - How much will it cost the firm to not only be without email during an outage, but to lose all emails sent to the firm during that time period?

I feel your frustration though... IT is often seen as a 'zero payback expense'.

Comment: Re:Funny it should be this game... (Score 1) 42

by max99ted (#36988794) Attached to: Low Violence <em>Red Orchestra 2</em> For Australia

Great post I agree completely. For those looking for similar FPS titles without the 'run-and-gun' theme, check out two Battlefield2 mods (you need BF2 to run them) - Forgotten Hope 2 and Project Reality.

For a real milsim-type game (you will need patience for this one) try Arma2. There is even a free version of Arma2 with non-HD graphics and some other limitations.. but it gives you a good idea of the depth of this 'game',

Comment: Re:Gee. Another website I can live without (Score 1) 450

by max99ted (#34092298) Attached to: Fighting Ad Blockers With Captcha Ads

I wonder how well the hosts file can scale. Would it handle thousands of "blocked" domains without noticeably slowing down your browsing?

A large hosts file will cause issues but this can be mitigated with some DNS fiddling. Check out this site for more details (you can also d/l their updated hosts file):

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