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Comment Not the majority (Score 1) 786

In social matters, moreso than anything else, majority rules.
That is unfortunate for those who are not members of the majority.

Poo flinging monkeys rule.
Those who are considered more "advanced" at social skills soon dominate a group.

Interesting take on this behaviour:

Comment Missing the point (Score 1) 386

I see a lot of people here proposing problems, and solutions.
All of them are technical, which is appropriate, as most readers here are geeks ( like me)
The real problem is some stupid bastards who will have to blow it up ( for the glory of Allah) or some other stupid bastards trying to hold it hostage.
Some serious money has to be set aside, in advance, for rewards for stopping saboteurs.

And probably one can justify the expense to the local mucky-mucks with job creation.

The only problem this project can really have is with the people trying to stop it for their own personal greed and creed.
I am sure we will hear about how it kills birds, or is a sin, etc.

The only worse place to attempt a project like this would be in the Southern USA.

Comment Aboriginals destroyed teh megafauna (Score 1, Insightful) 41

So much evidence points to the extinctions of megafauna on several continents by man.

Meanwhile the aboriginal peoples try to push the myth that they are" safe custodians" of wildlife.

That is simply bullshit. They have had zero regards for anything other than their own greed.

And yet, somehow, we still allow illegal hunting and fishing by people, because it is "their heritage".

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