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+ - Microsoft Unveils it's own Surface tablets-> 1

Submitted by Necroloth
Necroloth writes: Microsoft has unveiled Surface — its own-brand family of tablets.

It aims to challenge the iPad with a device that can run standard applications such as its own Office programs and Photoshop.

However other hardware makers are likely to feel aggrieved by the news as Microsoft can offer a competitive price as it doesn't need to pay itself a licence for the Windows 8 software which other manufacturers will have to do.

The devices have 10.6 inch (26.9cm) displays, built-in kickstands and are housed in magnesium cases — which the company described as the first of their kind.

The ARM-based tablets are 9.3mm (0.4 inches) thick — slightly less than the iPad — and run the Windows RT version of the new system. The Verge reported that the chipset will be built by Nvidia.

The versions using Intel's x86 technology run Windows 8 Pro and are 13.5mm (0.5 inches) thick.

A variety of accompanying covers can be attached using built-in magnets. They double as keyboards with trackpads. One version is flat while the other offers keys that can be depressed.

The devices are also designed to work with a pen accessory using what the firm dubbed "digital ink". When the stylus is held close to the screen of the tablet it ignores touch-input from the users' hands.

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Comment: Nice technical approach (Score 2) 459

by maudefan (#38726472) Attached to: Microsoft Announces ReFS, a New Filesystem For Windows 8

There's a blog post linked from the article.

There's all kinds of promising stuff, like data corruption resilience and dropped/extended limits.

Much more interesting read than the linked ZDNet article.

Indeed very interesting - their approach seems sound and modern. First, they remove the non-essential features from the filesystem to keep it lean. They could be possibly reimplemented on top of the filesystem. And second, they mention using B+trees and allocate-on-write principle, which some modern filesystems use - Reiser4 springs to mind.

Interesting project to follow (and imitate in open source).

Comment: Re:Like ITC will find in favor of a Taiwanese comp (Score 5, Informative) 81

by maudefan (#38133834) Attached to: ITC Rules Apple Does Not Infringe S3 Graphics Patents

When did that happen for the last time in known history? ITC has one purpose only -- to protect US companies from competition.

It will come back to bite them eventually. Other companies are doing the same like getting apple banned in Taiwan. By setting up this framework of protectionism now they will suffer when being banned in China becomes worse for multinationals than being banned in the USA

The article you are linking to actually talks about banning APPLES (the fruit) imported from the US in Taiwan. You probably wanted to refer to the ban of selling some Apple products in South Korea, which is seeked by Samsung. This ban, however, did not happen so far it seems.

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