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Comment: The Will Of The People (Score 1) 146 146

It goes to show that enough people want something, they will get it. This works for good and evil purposes. The people who question middle east democracy will lose either a lot of money or influence. It makes me wonder if people in the US would have the will to ask for their freedoms back. The Patriot act, and the TSA are a few of the major examples of how we are moving away from the rule of law (as of the Constitution) and the will of the people. There are many reasons for fragmentation, but I don't believe you could enough people on the same page to scare the government. It's easy to complain here and other web sites about the situation, it is quite another to stand up for what you believe in when a gun is pointed at your head.

Comment: Wait A Second (Score 5, Insightful) 178 178

I always considered myself a hacker in its original sense. Someone who modded an existing piece of hardware or software to suit their needs, or to work around an existing issue. My latest and most simplest "hack" is getting Froyo on my phone, since my carrier wouldn't send the update. Where am I on the list? Certainly not Hackivist. I guess I am now a "modder" or "homebrewer". I am afraid that the previous terms will be added to the hacker list, with the word criminal added in front.

Comment: Price is always key (Score 1) 310 310

The reason I, as a man in his mid 40s, is still playing DS games is because of the price. GBA handhelds were inexpensive, and for 10-15$, taking a flyer on a game was an easy decision. DSI on the other hand is nearly 200$, and titles are moving into the 40$ range. While I like titles like Professor Layton, I don't feel very compelled to buy, let alone play casual titles for that price. With the advent of games like Angry Birds, I can get my casual game fix for less. If Nintendo wants me to play their titles again, don't sell me a Raving Rabbids mini game at full price. Set your prices to 10-20$, with the upper end being a Zelda type game. I know you want more money Nintendo, but I don't have it for you. Since you now have to compete against free games, lower your price. In the long run you will make more money. If not, I am sure somebody like HTC will buy you out to put "retro" Mario games on the smartphones.

Comment: This Is Great (Score 1) 120 120

I was wondering when we would build blood thirsty robots(tm)! All we need is a hacker to release a virus to crave humans. Even if you don't think this is fiction, the sad thing is that is would be a better movie than the summer blockbusters scheduled this summer. Of course machines using humans as fuel was in movie... what was the name of that movie?

Comment: Way to Differentiate (Score 1) 190 190

Sony has lost their minds... again. Why do they think power is the key to gaming? If you make your device look like a smartphone, have similar functions to a smartphone, and even use 3G, then most consumers are going to compare you to a smartphone. Your $500 gaming device will be going up against Angry Birds, a cute and free app that works on my phone. Most phones also play Farmville and Mafia Wars too. Say what you will about these games, but they are wildly popular, free, and easy to use on my phone. So your device only plays games? Meh. Nintendo will win because they are differentiating themselves by using 3D (with no glasses). If it plays all of the DS games nicely, it is looked upon as an upgrade to the current handheld. 3D makes it a gaming console in the minds of the consumers because no smartphones are even planned to have this functionality. Smartphones for simple games, Nintendo for 3D games.

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