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Comment Re:Photoshop, anybody (Score 1) 111

It used to be an issue of better software, especially with regards to video editing. Not so much anymore, now that Apple really jumped the shark with Final Cut. Now all they have going for them is the really nice screens, but PCs are catching up there too. The Mac Pro also used to be a good dual-CPU workstation with some expandability, but with the new trashcan-style ones are single-CPU and have poor cooling to the point of throttling sometimes.

Comment Re:wtf is this article (Score 1) 209

The difference is that that's all stuff that I implicitly or explictly told it to do. And if I want it to stop doing those things, I can easily make it do so. Compare that to Windows, where you have to put a lot of work into eliminating its tracking, only for all your hard work to be undone come the next set of updates.

Comment Re:"Close laptop..." OMG!!! (Score 1) 581

What I absolutely despise about the way Windows handles updates is that there should be no need to ever prompt me to restart for updates when I already shut my system down every day anyway. You'd think with all the telemtry they do, they could at least figure out that you reboot every day and therefore shouldn't be nagged for updates.

Comment Re:RAID 0 is not for anything you don't want to lo (Score 1) 73

For RAID-5, the big issue is "lose a drive on a large-enough array and you could be looking at an unrecoverable read error during the array recovery".

This gets repeated a lot, but isn't a problem for any halfway decent RAID setup because they slowly read data from the drives in the background (called patrol read on LSI/Dell controllers). The chances of a problem with a drive not turning up in one of the numerous patrol reads yet happening during a recovery are astronomically small.

Comment Re:Why not a roof? (Score 1) 407

Presumably due to the fact that individual building installs require inverters and other electrical equipment to be installed, whereas a mass solar panel install could have fewer but larger pieces of equipment. That being said, it still wouldn't beat just installing the solar panels beside or above the road, or even on the shoulder.

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