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Comment Re:not good enough (Score 2) 402

The difference is that FOSS software is generally created by people to fill their own need and shared with others because they have no reason not to, whereas proprietary software is far more often made for profit which encourages monetization and/or tracking methods that negatively impact the user such as the case here. Not saying there aren't exceptions to both, but that's generally the case.

Comment Re:Gogo very good choice for a company name ... (Score 1) 188

Sounds about right. The next time you're on a flight with wifi, poke around the network a bit. Portscan the gateway and DNS server they use. Sometimes there's a proxy running on one of them that allows web access. There's also various DNS-based tunnels which should work too.

Or get a second wifi card in your laptop that supports AP mode and set up a rogue AP that routes to the real one. Wait for someone to connect to it, pay the fee, and then you and anyone else who connects to the rogue one gets free internet.

Comment Re:How long will this last? (Score 3, Insightful) 94

It's already horrible, I tried it this morning. I made an account. It wanted my real name (used a fake one of course), needed to verify my phone number, and had to create a whole YouTube channel (which was difficult due to a faulty redirect) just to be able to choose my display name. And of course, it automatically makes a g+ page for your YouTube channel, because why not. Overall it was an awful experience. They don't even tell you what you need to do, they just let you figure it out on your own and hope you already have a conception of how yt/google accounts work. Oh, and all of this was just to be able to use the chat, nothing else.

Comment Re:Windows only says "Sleep" (Score 1) 378

I love it when Microsoft takes "Shut Down" and turns it into "Kinda sorta hibernate" without relabeling it as such. From what I have observed, it has to reinitialize the disk controller to save the system state to disk, which on some controllers can take quite a long time. So your system sits there powered on with the screen off and you have no idea why it hasn't actually shut down yet. Almost as dumb as systems that default to "Sleep" when you press the power button.

Of course all of this is typical MS fashion where they would rather implement stuff like this to help startup times than debloat their OS. I have a Linux laptop that goes from bootloader to usable desktop in 10 seconds on an ancient mobile C2D, because it's not bloated. No "partial hibernate" trickery required.

Comment Re: Is systemd involved at all? (Score 1) 378

Linux may have issues like drivers having to be compiled for a specific kernel version, but overall it's a much better system than Windows's godawful mess of a driver system. Why does it take 30 seconds after I plug in a flash drive or keyboard to start working? Why does it have to do that again if I plug it into a different port? Why did it automatically update my NIC drivers to a version that wasn't actually compatible with my NIC? Notice the only problematic drivers in Linux are ones where a manufacturer creates awful closed-source drivers, whereas in Windows the driver stack itself is bad.

Comment Re:There are Ads and then there are Fucking Ads. (Score 2) 519

I'd like to make a similar point: I have no issue with an ad blocker that an individual user installs and configures. However, I do think that mass ad blocking (on a company, ISP, or OS level or some other way of spreading adblocking en-masse) actually will have dire consequences. Individual ad blocking would be like one person carrying an umbrella to stay dry. Mass ad blocking would be like constructing a dome over the entire city with no regards to the ecosystem. Up until recently, adblocking was used mainly by people who weren't going to be swayed by crappy online advertising to begin with, but now it's starting to go beyond that and will seriously hurt many websites that rely on ad revenue (even the ones with non-invasive ads). Not to mention the whole thing will just degenerate into an arms race between advertisers+webmasters versus adblocker devs.

Comment Re:Don't buy the cheapest cable (Score 1) 391

(Note: I'm in no way trying to defend such audiophoolery as buying expensive ethernet cables)

The reason why stuff can matter even in digital is because it does have to get converted to analog at some point, and if things aren't completely isolated, then interference in a digital portion of the system can leak over to an analog part. Probably imperceptibly, but still there.

Which makes me think: Why isn't anyone swindling the audiophools with some overpriced fiber ethernet gear?

Comment Re:I have one (Score 3, Insightful) 77

Except for little, unimportant things like the BIOS, HDD/SSD firmware, and probably tons of other internal devices. They'd probably be much better off taking an existing laptop and replacing proprietary firmwares than putting out a completely new laptop with terrible value that isn't even free. Their biggest accomplishment isn't the freedom, it's that they managed to make Macs look cheap.

Comment Obligatory "why" post (Score 4, Insightful) 76

Every time some industrial networking vulnerability gets posted, people ask: "why are these connected to the internet to begin with?", so I'll get it out of the way: Why are these connected to the internet again? If you do need some sort of external access to them, it should be through some sort of application-level gateway so that access can be carefully controlled.

Comment Re:Definitely not the least used key (Score 1) 698

They're niche but still used, apart from scroll lock which I really can't seem to think of a use case for. Sometimes you need Pause/Break to stop BIOS output because a lot of BIOSes (especially newfangled UEFI ones) blow past important things faster than your monitor can wake up. SysRq still has a use as the magic SysRq key.

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