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Comment: Re:How many times? (Score 1) 389 389

So it seems like the best defense for the restaurant owner would be "we didn't actually condone him playing music". Otherwise, I could simply walk into a restaurant or other establishment with a boombox playing copyrighted tunes, and the restaurant would be responsible for the copyright infringement.

Comment: Re:Anyone know if this applies to free Wi-Fi? (Score 1) 99 99

My question is would it apply to those annoying infringement notice pages. Basically, if you get a DMCA notice on your IP, you'll be sent to a walled garden until you acknowledge the notice. It seems to fall under "blocking legitimate traffic", even if it's just a temporary block until someone clicks through a couple pages.

Backstory: I'm currently in an apartment building that has one connection for all the residents. When one person gets caught pirating something, it cuts off the connection for everyone until someone acknowledges the notice. And of course, the chances are slim to none that the person doing the pirating is the person who will see and click through the notice, so it's pointless to begin with.

Comment: Re:Everybody seems to have missed the real problem (Score 1) 166 166

That didn't happen before, either. MS already funded a good amount of equipment purchases for K12 schools in WA (running Windows, of course). Not to mention, people want computers that just work. Every minute spent dealing with tech issues is a minute less spent on learning.

Comment: Re:Social mobility was killed, but not this way (Score 1) 1032 1032

As for the author, I do question why he got a bank loan rather than a federal loan.

Because you can actually default on a bank loan. You can't default on a federal student loan. Well, you technically can, but it does nothing. They're allowed to garnish wages and other nasty stuff, so there's basically no getting away from it, barring extreme circumstances or leaving the country. The difference between federal student loans and a mafia loan shark is that one of them is legal.

Comment: Reset firefox entirely (Score 4, Interesting) 208 208

If your Firefox install and profile are reasonably old, you'll probably have a bunch of cruft. Start fresh (reinstall and start a new profile), import bookmarks, install only the addons you need. Should be plenty fast after that.

Only problem is that it seems for every new version that comes out, you have to install more and more addons just to keep the browser the same. You could always just use Firefox only when accessing a site that requires java, and use another browser for everything else.

Comment: Re:it's not bad process (Score 1) 150 150

It's a lack of money. The class sizes are too large and they mix the special ed kids in with the other students so that they are constantly getting interrupted while an undertrained teach tries their best. Meanwhile the parents are broke so the kids game tons of problems at home.

I love the way everyone in America tries their best to ignore the disadvantages of poverty and the privilege that comes with money

The problem is that while I'm sure there are plenty of legitimately disadvantaged people who are trying their best to get an education but can't due to underfunded or incompetent schools, there are also people that just don't try in school. Whether it's plain immaturity, a "doing well in school is for " attitude, bad parenting, or something else entirely, the number of people that simply aren't there to be successful is astounding.

Even though there is a soft correlation between being richer and trying harder in school, a poor person who actually tries in school can easily outperform a rich person that doesn't.

Comment: Re:Stucturing (Score 1) 510 510

There are plenty of concerts and games where tickets are resold for much more than the original face value. Due to the magic of the internet, I've seen tickets go on sale on resale sites immediately after they sell out from the venue's ticket seller, for a significantly higher price. There is software out there that will automatically scoop up tickets from Ticketmaster and other sites (hence why most of them have captchas now) for that exact purpose.

If I wanted to split economic hairs, I could just say that any event where the tickets sell out and there are people who would still like to pay face value for a ticket (to actually attend, not for reselling) was technically underpriced, as the demand at that price point was higher than the fixed supply. Most places do tend to underprice a little bit since they would rather err on the side of underpricing rather than having empty seats, which is understandable. But tickets reselling for 2-3x the face value or more generally goes outside an acceptable margin of error.

Comment: Re:Stucturing (Score 1) 510 510

Because tickets are intentionally underpriced to begin with. Otherwise, there would be no purchasing tickets with the intent to sell them for profit, only people who had a change of plans and can't attend. Trying to sell a lawnmower for more than the face value wouldn't work, because I could just go to the store and buy a new one. The whole reason people hate "scalping" is because it's a complete violation of the ticket seller underpricing the tickets to make it more affordable for fans.

Comment: Re:Doesn't get it (Score 1) 306 306

I think the PM is right but for all the wrong reasons. "CS" has become a bit of a buzzword lately. What people need is technology literacy, not knowing how to program. It's like teaching someone how to change their oil (practical) versus teaching someone how to build a car (not very practical unless you work for an auto maker). Even ignoring that, it's silly to try to teach people programming before basics. I bet you could go around and as people basic questions like "what's a home directory?", "what does it mean to append to a file?", and so on, and they probably wouldn't be able to answer most of them.

It's only going to get worse and worse as computers hide more and more of their internal workings from the user, especially in the realm of phones and tablets.

Comment: Re:Not enough room? Not enough food? (Score 1) 692 692

Yes, use one accident cause mostly by inexperience with nuclear power than by any inherent danger in it as reasoning for why nuclear power is bad. Of course, you have to ignore all the damage cause not just by fossil fuel accidents like oil spills and coal mining accidents, but also the general damage caused by their emissions and extractions.

Comment: Re: Yes & the sheer amount of existing code/fr (Score 1) 414 414

object.x = 5 isn't overridable in Java, but it is in other languages like Python.

Refactoring is much easier when the language is actually conducive to refactoring. Java isn't conducive to refactoring at all, so as a result you have to always plan for the worst case scenario (e.g. use getters and setters for everything). Contrast to Python, which makes refactoring objects quite easy due to the amount of control you have over every aspect of your object.

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