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Comment: Re:We should do the opposite, actually (Score 1) 531

by mattthateeguy (#20034129) Attached to: Higher Tuition For an Engineering Degree
The number often quoted (don't know how true it is) is for every 1 US engineer graduating this year, there is 10 China based engineers graduating. The difference is the quality of there educations. I have seen first hand what happens when a Chinese undergrad tries to start grad school in the US...they usually fail...especially if they are required to do actual lab work for their graduate work. They have no/little background in anything but theory.
Data Storage

Samsung Ships Hybrid Hard Drives 118

Posted by kdawson
from the not-for-you-yet-binky dept.
writertype writes "ExtremeTech reports that Samsung has become the first company to begin shipping hybrid hard drives as discussed last fall on Slashdot. (Some photos here.) Unfortunately, there's no word yet (beyond 'soon') on when retail shipments will begin, or when (or if) 3.5-inch models will be available. Note that these hybrid drives are different than the ReadyBoost USB flash drives optimized for Vista; hybrid drives contain a smaller amount of flash, and work as a write cache for your notebook drive, extending battery life."

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