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Comment: Sad commentary on our times, (Score 0, Flamebait) 330

by mattt79 (#26718099) Attached to: Students Call Space Station With Home-Built Radio
that this is news. I don't know how much they've dumbed down the test since then, but in the days when you still had to learn code at 5wpm for a novice license - ANYONE who passed the written exam had enough knowledge to build an antenna. Hell, anyone who could get a tech or general class license (the minimums that allowed voice communication) could have designed the transmitter as well! Get off my lawn! 73 de n2auz

Comment: Re:Where do you draw the line? (Score 1) 1308

by mattt79 (#24049463) Attached to: Of the D.C. v. Heller decision, I think it's a

I don't think it's that difficult to draw the line. Contemporary writings to the constitution describe the armament that all militiaman should have as including a musket and sufficient quantities of shot and powder. There's no mention of the "WMDs" of the day, ie: cannon and mortars.

Therefore, you might interpret the 2nd as guarantying the rights to the weaponry of an individual infantry soldier. This would exclude squad operated weapons, but include light automatic rifles, grenades, and the smaller varieties of RPGs.

This is still not very likely to happen, but this is where a straightforward reading of the 2nd would get you.


+ - Screenwriter Suing Midway Over Psi-Ops

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njkid1 writes "The 2004 psychic-combat game Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy was received pretty well by the enthusiast press, garnering around 85% on, but a screenwriter doesn't think that publisher Midway deserves all the credit. William L. Crawford III alleges that the game and its main characters were actually stolen from a screenplay that he wrote back in 1998 — a screenplay that was also named Psi-Ops. 1&ncid=AOLGAM000500000000014"

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