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Comment: Re:Personally, I do have a radical agenda (Score 2, Insightful) 335

by mattsucks (#32745310) Attached to: ASCAP War On Free Culture Escalates

As far as availability goes, that has to do with economics of demand. So long as the demand is present, the book is available

How do you know there is demand for a book (ie people are interested in it and will read it) if there is no supply?

Chickens and eggs; although in this case the eggs can be made available for pennies each in digital form.

Mmmmm digital eggs .... need breakfast.

Comment: NASE (Score 1) 1197

by mattsucks (#31234636) Attached to: Health Insurance When Leaving the Corporate World?

Look into:

National Association for the Self-Employed: http://www.nase.org/Home.aspx

I contracted for quite a few years after leaving my Large Corporate Job, and got my family insurance from a local agent who worked for one of NASE's insurance partners. It was a bit pricey, but on the other hand it covered me in TX and my wife in NM with no argument, something that my CORBA provider wouldn't even consider.

Comment: Re:ageism (Score 1) 599

by mattsucks (#31174658) Attached to: "Logan's Run" Syndrome In Programming

And it's present in many industries/areas. No one wants anyone over 40 for rock, screen writers are ignored if they're over 40, since "They don't know what it's like to be a kid."

Great. Just great. I'm a 45-yo software enginneer/programmer/musician/playwright. I'm so fucked I might as well just give up now and move back to the farm.


+ - SPAM: Tan while you Type

Submitted by mattsucks
mattsucks writes: ComputerTan claims to allow you to get a tan from your computer monitor, thus enabling legions of tired, pale geeks to look like they walked right off the beach at Ibiza.

In a related story, this submitter claims to be highly amused.

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