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Comment Re:Media's reluctance (Score 1) 108

We are influenced by those around us.

A 5 year old girl down the street swears like a sailor. Her parents don't care. They say, "No, its ok for her to say that. She's not in school."

She has an influence on my 6 year old son. He's never heard those words in our house, either said out loud or on TV or games. Yet a neighbor who knows our values called us and said, "I just heard your son say 'mother f***er' and I thought you'd like to know about it."

Absolutely we'd like to know about it. But what do you do? Give your child a list of words never to say? Not let him play with other kids whose families have different policies on games and movies their kids can play and watch?

Its not enough to simply not watch those movies or play those games. We as a society are affected negatively when this type of "media" becomes mainstream.

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