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Comment: Re:Who Cares? (Score -1, Troll) 584 584

Yeah, it was also an entirely ignorant group of people doing the occupying. I can understand fighting "Big Brother" but a bunch of hippies and hipsters getting together to camp and do drugs isn't really the way to do it and be taken seriously. Good riddance.

Comment: Re:Yes, this is amazing (Score 2) 183 183

I'm pretty sure those that have been using *nix all this time would have dropped it if they cared that much. For many of us the value of *nix is in a GUI-less environment and seeing articles like this is just evidence of how far the open environment has come. I still use Windows on my primary desktop and am forced to use a Macbook for work but every server running every one of my products/projects is some flavor of Linux because of the stability. Now that's without a doubt a more important "feature" than some new way to manage your desktop environment, IMO.

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