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+ - Higgs boson-like particle discovery claimed at LHC!-> 1

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packetspike writes "Cern scientists reporting from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) have claimed the discovery of a new particle consistent with the Higgs boson.

The particle has been the subject of a 45-year hunt to explain how matter attains its mass.

Both of the Higgs boson-hunting experiments at the LHC see a level of certainty in their data worthy of a "discovery".

More work will be needed to be certain that what they see is a Higgs, however.

The results announced at Cern (European Organization for Nuclear Research), home of the LHC in Geneva, were met with loud applause and cheering.

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Comment: Of course they can. (Score 5, Insightful) 384

by matthewmacleod (#39843917) Attached to: New Study Suggests Wind Farms Can Cause Climate Change
Modifying wind patterns will very obviously have an effect on local climate. Local is the key word - these guys are talking about and increase of under one degree, directly above those wind farms, and it seems likely that this is caused by the small amounts of turbulence generated by the turbines.

Now, if evidence emerges that this is harmful in some way, then we should of course evaluate that and make sure we understand the effects. However, I think stating "Wind Farms Can Cause Climate Change" is clearly intended to sensationalise this research and attract page views - especially given The Telegraph's well-known rabid-anti-environmentalism (they're especially anti-wind-turbine.)

Comment: Re:Another broken marriage... (Score 3, Insightful) 399

by matthewmacleod (#38838017) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Techie Wedding Invitation Ideas?
This is one of the saddest things I've ever read. Of course, everybody will have to make a couple of compromises when they enter into a long-term relationship. But that doesn't mean abandoning the things you love to do. The best part of any relationship, including marriage, is sharing the things that are important to you with your partner.

Comment: Re:Getting out while the getting's good? (Score 2) 112

by matthewmacleod (#38305196) Attached to: Miyamoto Steps Down As Nintendo Game Design Head
Is this really the case? I'm sure I heard that 3DS sales were looking pretty good

Yeah, here it is:

3DS first-year sales in the US may overtake the DS; 250,000 Wiis sold in the past year. And Skyward Sword rumoured to be the best Zelda game yet.

Not too sure they're "sliding" anywhere!

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by matthewmacleod (#38225268) Attached to: Ruby Clouds: Engine Yard Vs. Heroku
Literal nonsense - how can a language be crippled without a framework written in it? There are other web frameworks for Ruby, and it's perfectly usable as a standalone language with a nice big library. Ruby's a great scripting language, much like Python: concise, flexible and readable. The off-the-shelf interpreter can be slow, but that's improving and there are alternatives. So what's horrible about it?

Comment: Great for little apps (Score 3, Informative) 41

by matthewmacleod (#38225220) Attached to: Ruby Clouds: Engine Yard Vs. Heroku
I love Heroku's approach to offering a base tier for free. It makes it really simple of throw up a quick app at no cost (four or file commands) and it's dead easy to scale. It's expensive compared to self-hosting though (obviously) and there are some restrictions that chafe a bit now and then, but it's pretty cool!

+ - Apple to buy ARM?->

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gyrogeerloose (849181) writes "An article in the London Evening Standard claims that Apple has made an $8 billion offer to acquire ARM Holdings. For those few Slashdotters who don't already know, ARM makes the processor chips that power Apple's iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. However, ARM processors are also used by other manufacturers, including Palm and, perhaps most significantly, companies building Android phones. This explains why Apple might be willing to spend so much on the deal--almost 20% of it's cash reserves. Being able to control who gets to use the processors (and, more importantly, who doesn't) would give Apple a huge advantage over it's competitors."
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What this country needs is a good five dollar plasma weapon.