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Comment: Re:Things Mature (Score 1) 646

by matthew5 (#32260078) Attached to: Firefox Is Lagging Behind, Its Co-Founder Says

Until Chrome gets the same retinue I doubt Firefox has much to fear. Without fully featured versions of AdBlock, Noscript, FlashBlock, Web Developer, and Greasemonkey, I won't be switching over anytime soon.

I have several of those already installed in Chrome. You may enjoy a quick trip to

Comment: Re:Big deal (Score 1) 223

by matthew5 (#15992801) Attached to: The NYT's OS-Restrictive Video Policies
If you dont like their product/service dont buy/use it. Shop elsewhere.
I agree, but after telling them politely why so that they have a chance to change if they want our business. I sent the following email to:;;;
Dear sirs, I'm sure this was an oversight, and probably not an intentional one. There are several people in the world, myself included, that do not use Windows or Macintosh for their computer operating system. However, we still use the internet for much of our news. We use an operating system called Linux. Your website does not allow itself to be browsed using Linux. According to this page on your site: 8f1 only Windows and Macintosh are supported. It would not be difficult to change this and allow more potential users to appreciate the quality of your product. I refer you to this page on the BBC web site as an example: I hope you will take this into consideration. Thank you.

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