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Comment: Borrowing um... liberally from Star Wars (Score 1) 295

by mattecc (#36872054) Attached to: Review: Captain America

Am I the only one who noticed that for about 30 minutes towards the end of the movie, they started inserting their favorite scenes / motifs from Star Wars with only the thinnest of veneers?

First the s/speeder/motorcycle/g chase scene making me wonder when they left Germany for Endor.
Then the "stormtroopers" and laser gun fight straight out of the first 10 minutes of A New Hope complete with hydraulic closing doors.
Then the escape the deathstar in the millenium falcon sequence.
And finally, the showdown on the "view deck" out of RotJ that had me wondering if they were gonna finish it off with light sabers.


+ - P != NP 1

Submitted by
morsch writes "Researcher Vinay Deolalikar from HP Labs claims proof that P != NP. The 100 page paper has apparently not been peer-reviewed yet, so feel free to dig in and find some flaws. However, the attempt seems to be genuine, and Deolalikar has published papers in the same field in the past. So this may be the real thing! Given that one million USD prize money from the Millenium Prize is involved, it will certainly get enough scrutiny. Greg Baker broke the story on his blog, including the email Deolalikar sent around."

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