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Comment: Re:Poor analysis - its film not the camera itself (Score 1) 309

by mattcsn (#38641786) Attached to: Kodak Failing, But Camera Phones Not To Blame

I'm sure the use of IPS in tablets has more to do with viewing angles and not color accuracy. If the companies making these tablets really gave a damn about mobile devices having accurate colors, they wouldn't use TNs in their $2000 macbook pros and macbook pro clones.

LG has started making a line of "budget" IPS displays. I picked up one of them last month for about $280 canadian, the S-IPS 23.6" IPS236V. It's very impressive for the price, and very good out-of-the-box, though it does benefit from additional calibration with a spyder or colormunki.

Comment: Re:Can't someone sue the carriers? (Score 1) 322

by mattcsn (#38222406) Attached to: Android Dev Demonstrates CarrierIQ Phone Logging Software On Video

I'm thinking about being able to do this for non-geek friends. I love cyanogenmod and would never go back a non-cyanogenmod-able phone, but a quick root and edit of the hosts file is invisible as far as non-geeks are concerned. Also, not all phones have cyanogenmod builds available.

Comment: Re:Kindle Fire is one device I see no reason to ro (Score 1) 103

by mattcsn (#38116850) Attached to: A Kindle Fire Review For Those Who Plan To Void the Warranty

The Vox's power management is awful as of the current firmware, v15. If you let the Vox handle power management, it often refuses to wake up wifi (if it wakes up at all) and you need to power cycle it to fix it. If you leave wifi on, the battery life goes to hell. I'm returning mine this afternoon.

If there's a cyanogenmod release with the market for it in the future, I might pick up a new one again just for CM. The Vox's Kobo app is the exact same one that can be downloaded through the google market, so I wouldn't be losing anything by going this route.

Comment: Re:Gone gold! (Score 1) 272

by mattcsn (#38065434) Attached to: Minecraft Is Finished

I've started to hate Endermen more. There's ways to defend against Creepers, but aside from building every wall double-width with half-height slabs or putting moats everywhere, Endermen are gonna screw your structures up. Mob towers quickly become swiss cheese unless every floor is only two spaces high.

Comment: Re:How about Fedora? (Score 1) 685

by mattcsn (#38031332) Attached to: Linux Mint: the New Ubuntu?

For me, it's drivers. I've tried the last five Fedora releases on their respective release dates, and each one of them had a wifi or GPU (or both) driver-related showstopper of some kind. Ubuntu and its variants have handled the same hardware perfectly. Even stock Debian stable seems to handle my desktop, netbook and laptop's wifi and graphics better than Fedora 16.

Comment: Re:I guess I am just too cool. (Score 2) 798

by mattcsn (#37902882) Attached to: Are Power Users Too Cool For Ubuntu Unity?

I've just installed 11.10 on an older pentium D desktop (basically my distro-testing machine), and after finding Unity to be unusable I installed the standard Gnome 3 shell. It's definitely inspired by fisher-price baby's-first-tablet UIs, but at least it's responsive and stable and doesn't make running programs inaccessible. It's worth giving Gnome 3 a try for a day or so.

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