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Comment Re:MenuChoice and HAM (1992) (Score 1) 270 270

That's funny, because aliases on the Mac *combine* those two concepts (or at least can).

For example, they can contain both information to track a file even as it moves around (whose content is parsed by the software/OS to determine the location of the target) and while not exactly a filesystem object, can contain the inode too (and whatever equivalent was used pre-OS X).

Comment Re:Moor? (Score 1) 176 176

Seeing the price of SSDs and Spinning HD, at their current price points, there is no reason to NOT get the SSD, at whatever cost they are now.

Yes, there are reasons to not get the SSD.
1) price
2) amount of storage -- I can't get an 8 TB drive to put in a Tivo for ~$250. I can for a "Spinning HD".
3) number of writes
4) some things don't use/can't use the speed.. e.g. no reason to put an SD in a Tivo or a PS3 (something I also just bought a new drive for).

Comment Re:quickly to be followed by self-driving cars (Score 1) 872 872

From the same page, the minimum liability requirements are:
$15,000 for injury/death to one person.
$30,000 for injury/death to more than one person.
$5,000 for damage to property.

I have no idea if most people have way higher liability insurance than that. If they *don't*, then it seems like the bond "workaround" could be reasonable. I admit I'm not running out and doing it right now, but it is tempting. (I *think* I have the minimum required insurance on my cars, only one of which I actually drive regularly.)

Comment Re:Biohacking? (Score 1) 66 66

The GMO religion believes that every GMO is a good GMO. That no genetically modified organism can ever possibly hurt you, so you must not be allowed to know which foods are from GMOs. They've never heard about NewLeaf Potatoes or LibertyLink Rice.

I've never said it can never possibly hurt you. Heck, I think there's probably a likelihood that there will be some kind of problem some day. But what actual scientifically proven health problems from GMOs have ever happened?

Labelling them is arguably a "warning". Why warn people of something that has had no actual health related problems?

I admittedly only googled, but:
*) NewLeaf Potatoes failed seemingly because of people like you who are afraid of them for no good reason.
*) LibertyLink rice is tolerant to herbicides

I didn't even see any nut job pages in the google results.

Comment Re:quickly to be followed by self-driving cars (Score 1) 872 872

At least in some states, if you had the money, you *could* do without insurance. For example, in CA, you can have one of the following:

* Motor vehicle liability insurance policy.
* Cash deposit of $35,000 with DMV.
* DMV-issued self-insurance certificate.
* Surety bond for $35,000 from a company licensed to do business in California.


Comment Re:quickly to be followed by self-driving cars (Score 1) 872 872

The whole system is designed for people having stuff "they only sometimes need". Most commuters only need a single seat and a 20 mile range

That's why my electric smart car works great. Yeah, it has 2 seats, but it's small(*) and cheap.. and you suckers subsidized me $10K for it too.

(*) This morning as the work parking was packed as usual, I even fit *beside* a motorcycle in a single parking spot, and only went a bit into the next spot. (I knew I was leaving at lunchtime, I probably wouldn't've done that for a full day of parking.)

Comment Re:Not really (Score 1) 293 293

literally made of trans-fat by putting a token amount of wheat in there and adjusting portion sizes.

Can you give specific examples?

Yes, I know there are cases of being able to round down from .4999999 grams/serving to 0..

But "literally made of trans-fat" plus "token amount" does not equate to rounding down a small amount.

Comment Re:Well, sure, but... (Score 2) 293 293

there is no scientific evidence that they are any worse than the original

If there is no scientific evidence of that, why waste time/money FORCING companies to put labels, which would act as *warnings*, about them?

I want all of my food labelled to show it has no cooties in it. Will you support that too?

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