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Comment: Re:Licensing/ownership irony (Score 1) 66

by mattack2 (#47519257) Attached to: Microsoft FY2014 Q4 Earnings: Revenues Up, Profits Down Slightly

Yet, despite some little things like Office 365, Microsoft still makes its bread and butter via selling software to OEM's and volume customers that runs on hardware, both of which many of us are increasingly not wanting to own. I f*cking hate installing an OS on a server and then making sure the damn thing stays running. I'd much rather rent the VM in the cloud. Even better, just let me subscribe to your web service.

Is there an irony here? I think a non-insignificant people *don't* want to be on the subscription software track (e.g. people buying the versions of Adobe apps right before it was available only via their cloud).

Comment: Very similar to longstanding contracting rules (Score 1) 282

This sounds very similar to rules that have been in place for contractors for a long time (i.e. since the early 1990s). Contractors at many tech companies (in the Silicon Valley at least) are limited to a certain period of time, so as others have said, they aren't "effectively" employees.

Comment: Re:Not worth it (Score 1) 138

by mattack2 (#47453491) Attached to: Three-Year Deal Nets Hulu Exclusive Rights To South Park

You don't have to watch cable TV with commercials.. Get a DVR.. or jeez, a VCR. I was skipping commercials well over 20 years ago with my own VCRs, close to 30 with my parents' VCR... and now with DVRs..

(Note, I *do* use On Demand once in a while, and that DOES have unskippable commercials for SOME channels.. Though after a couple of days, the commercials are often skippable [for non-broadcast stations], but even broadcast stations sometimes, e.g. Enlisted, had shows with NO commercials on On Demand.)

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by mattack2 (#47453301) Attached to: Predicting a Future Free of Dollar Bills

Your money in the bank is already "directly traced via some technological means". It's numbers in a computer.

Heck, even if you have a pile under your mattress, the value of it is due to everyone else thinking it has value too... You can't eat it.. and no, I don't think gold has more inherent value in itself either, except for conductive properties when society rebuilds itself after whatever imagined doomsday scenario you come up with.

Comment: Re:What is life? What is a virus? (Score 1) 158

by mattack2 (#47436225) Attached to: Hints of Life's Start Found In a Giant Virus

Mules are the quintessential example of two species being close enough to produce offspring but distinct enough that the offspring is never fertile. However, fertile mules have been found.

Aren't you contradicting yourself? The wikipedia page says pregnancy can occur naturally. Also, due to the # of chromosomes issue, couldn't the 'rare' fertile mules produce offspring? (i.e. a male mule & female mule)

Comment: Re:Car Insurance Companies Too! (Score 1) 353

by mattack2 (#47421431) Attached to: Here Comes the Panopticon: Insurance Companies

This is only because the practice isn't well established.

I was being more general, of the practice of people 'picking the default'. I can't provide citations admittedly, but people sure seem to think most accept the default button in computer dialogs, for example. If that is true (and I personally think it is), I don't see why that wouldn't be the same for other things, except for the comparative fringe who is on the no monitoring/privacy end of the spectrum.

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