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Comment Re:Glad they didn't read the books (Score 1) 194

Similarly, in the Jesus resurrection story he is not a zombie. He was simply returned to life, as in properly restored to being "alive" as he was before death, not as in "undead", or transformed by his death into a new being.

Wait, so he was Jesus the Grey and turned into Jesus the White?

Comment Re:Wow (Score 2) 315


Because you can't just randomly call *anyone* specific, like you can with a phone.

There are two pizzerias on my block today. Should the government grant one of them a monopoly â" for great justice?

If each pizzeria had to build their own road to your house another road to each and every house that they delivered to, YES.

Haven't you seen the old photos of tons of separate telephone wires from many different companies?

Comment Re:Wind energy is such shit (Score 1) 315

I last looked half a decade or so ago, when the ROI for solar was 19 years;

You seem to think that's bad. I think that's amazing, and would easily be worth putting in solar with that ROI (even _ignoring_ any investment money I could make in the meantime). I use so little energy that it doesn't make sense for me though... Much less the 2.5 years you have.. That's a "do it tomorrow!" price, IMHO.

Comment Re:Waste Disposal (Score 1) 319

Why should he be paid more, just because he's 2x more productive? He's actually doing _less_, by now "just" driving the truck, instead of driving + picking up cans (didn't they used to have driver + one other guy, and both guys would get out & pick up cans).

If he was more productive due to a change _of his own making_, then yes, pay him a lot more.. e.g. if he invented the truck with the robotic arm.

Comment Re:This shouldn't be allowed. (Score 1) 75

I let my lawns die because of the drought, but even though I admittedly rarely walk on it, I'd like the *ability* to walk on it. Is there other ground cover you don't have to water (nor mow, at least more than every month or two, though I was doing it about that infrequently with my lawn), but is still walk-on-able? Doesn't seem so, at least when I've asked the "native plants" people that show up at festivals.

Comment Re:Clearly a "flaw" they wanted to protect (Score 1) 103

Some (inspired) companies provide rewards for discovering flaws in their products; allowing them to improve them under controlled circumstances.

But this wasn't "controlled circumstances". This was someone releasing a product that used that flaw/design decision (as others have called it) in a way that the company didn't intend, and in a way that apparently the company didn't like.

If they had reported it *directly* to the company, especially after starting the internship, maybe they would have been rewarded for it (with a job in the future).

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