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Comment Re:um...yay? (Score 1) 460 460

Seriously, who gives a shit.

I do. Sure, I'm not going to work there anyway, but I think being able to wear a T shirt and shorts is a HUGE perk.

Sure, pay me enough and I guess I would submit to a dress code.. But in the theoretical everything else being equal situation, I'd definitely pick the no dress code place.

Comment Re:nothing new under the sun (Score 1) 446 446

Ironic thing is, unless one's spouse or significant-other has really, REALLY let themselves go, the grass really isn't greener on the other side. The other person might appeal because they're new, but it's usually because they're new and the shiny luster hasn't been worn off through familiarity, and once that familiarity is well and truly established the new person isn't any better than the previous one, and could actually be worse.

The funny thing is, I thought that long ago while watching "Fatal Attraction", even before she was totally nutso.

Comment Re:Would I have to eat extra? (Score 1) 67 67

Eat extra? Sure, that would be a *benefit*..

But I wish some of this stuff would provide enough power to be useful (let my phone last longer on a charge), but would be only slightly inconvenient, maybe imperceptibly slow. In other words, getting extra exercise throughout the day. Yeah, I realize it's probably impossible to get enough power without being noticeable (e.g. don't make it feel like I'm walking on the beach to get some power out of the walking).

In other words, burn off what I'm already eating.

Comment Re:Aussie freedoms are inferior (Score 1) 337 337

That's a myth. #5 on

#4 is the one I'm more interested in though. There HAVE been many anti-gun laws, including during colonial times.

This specific one isn't mentioned in that article, but I did see the author of a book called "The Second Amendment: A Biography" on Charlie Rose a while ago (it was from a late 2014 episode I think).. There were laws AGAINST having loaded guns in the house in the late 1700s.

Comment Re:Must be Silicon Valley (Score 1) 264 264

Umm, I'm about 15 minutes from work, in the SF Bay area. Yeah, my house was way more than your condo, but it's a house for one... (I like the idea of a condo for low maintenance reasons, not for the condo fee reasons even though I realize your retort is going to be that your condo + fee is still way way less..)

I wish I were a lot closer to work, actually.

Comment Re:Some Places Don't Have 10% Income and 10% Sales (Score 1) 264 264

Well, you have *some* income tax..

With the moniker "Live Free or Die," New Hampshire gives residents a double-tax break, with no sales tax and an income tax that applies only to interest and dividend income.

Wow, usually interest & dividend income is what has a LOWER tax rate..

But still, how does the state pay for things, with low income tax and no sales tax?

Plus, you've got snow in the winter.. I like the weather here better.

Comment Re:Generally? You don't. (Score 1) 318 318

Yahoo laid off all their remote employees

Did they? Didn't they simply require them to be in-office employees instead, and the employee chose to quit if that was so important to them?

I'm not saying it doesn't suck/isn't unfair if the previous agreement with their management was that they were remote.

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