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Comment: Re:Tesla wasn't the target, it was China (Score 1) 93

by mattack2 (#48209271) Attached to: Michigan Latest State To Ban Direct Tesla Sales

I can state, definitively, that if a $30,000 electric car with a 150 mile range on a single charge became a thing I'd have to consider it.

Why do you need THAT much range, daily? The lowest end electric cars already beat your price (by a long shot if you count tax rebates), and are close to 2/3 of your range "requirement".

Comment: Re:No Fuckign Thanks (Score 1) 143

by mattack2 (#48209069) Attached to: Google Announces Inbox, a New Take On Email Organization

Use alpine, and you can (usually) read the rich/html part still in your terminal program. You can have it default to the plain text part, but use A on an individual message to view the rich part if necessary.. No need to pipe it through lynx. Plus, alpine does Unicode too, which can sometimes be useful (at least it's not showing up as gibberish..)

(Pine/alpine long ago was able to view the plain-text-ified rich parts, but I made the suggestion long ago for the A toggle, and it was added.)

Comment: Re:PARC monument (Score 1) 110

by mattack2 (#48208667) Attached to: Xerox Alto Source Code Released To Public

Jobs and several Apple employees, including Jef Raskin, visited Xerox PARC in December 1979 to see the Xerox Alto. Xerox granted Apple engineers three days of access to the PARC facilities in return for the option to buy 100,000 shares (800,000 split-adjusted shares) of Apple at the pre-IPO price of $10 a share.[39]

Comment: Re:google is a search engine (Score 1) 152

by mattack2 (#48191413) Attached to: Google Changes 'To Fight Piracy' By Highlighting Legal Sites

Who gets to decide what is "better for society"?

Society does. Society makes laws, and people are expected to follow those laws, whether or not they believe in them personally, or face the consequences. If they disagree, they should get the laws changed, and not simply break them.

Comment: Re:Too many discrite components (Score 1) 157

Does that mean all we have to do is make the next music player out of a million discrete 74xx IC and we will get a write up saying how good our product is?

You'll probably sell a ton to the bozos buying vinyl, tube amps, and expensive cables, because they think they're better.

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