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Comment Re:I don't think people care (Score 1) 470

Depends on your point of view. I think this is a topic that science hasn't adequately explained -- and may not have the ability to explain for years or centuries. I have had paranormal experiences. Can I reproduce them on demand? No. Do I know they happened? Yes. Do I talk about them? Generally not. i'm happy to discuss them with anyone that's willing to have a rational, open conversation with me about them. And I'm willing to accept some non-paranormal explanation if someone can give me one. But no one has been able to give me one yet. Considering all that scientists cannot do and cannot explain, I think it's awfully arrogant of them to say some subset of phenomena doesn't exist. We may not be able to explain them yet, but to dismiss these events out-of-hand is arrogant indeed.

Comment Re:Amazon issues 10-day service credit (Score 1) 117

Then they're wrong. You can get one free credit report each year from each credit reporting bureau. You don't have to get them all at the same time. Do Experian one time, then a few months later do TransUnion, then a few months later do EquiFax. Rinse and repeat.

But yeah, Sony is lame. I had a DVD drive for just over a year when it went out. Wouldn't do anything about it. I won't buy Sony again if there's any other alternative out there.

Comment Re:I think Beck has started to believe his own con (Score 1) 1276

For the record I believe in evolution, questioning the bible, and tolerance for everybody, be they black, white, gay, Klingon

Wow. That is beautiful.

This would be even more beautiful:

For the record I believe in evolution, questioning the bible, and acceptance for everybody, be they black, white, gay, Klingon or even women.

Comment Re:They've already busted that twice now (Score 1) 795

This is precisely the reason they have revisits. They take viewer input and try scenarios or ways of doing things they didn't consider -- and sometimes they are able to duplicate the result. If this episode in December is still about Archimedes, then this will be the second revisit (maybe third??) they've had for this myth. That said, I've had times when they've tested myths and came away thinking that just because they didn't do it doesn't mean it couldn't happen. Some of the myths they try to bust are based on scenarios of freak accidents, in which case there could be factors they don't know about, or it could be sheer dumb luck that a victim survived. Regardless, it's entertaining, and there are times when I learn things, but I don't take their results as gospel.

Comment And So It Goes . . . (Score 1) 246

. . . again, and again, and again . . .
  • Conservatives vs liberals. Liberals vs conservatives.
  • Pro-choice vs pro-life. Pro-life vs pro-choice.
  • Responsible disclosure vs full disclosure. Full disclosure vs responsible disclosure.

This is a hot-button issue where side A tries to convince side B they're wrong, and side B tries to convince side A of same.

There are benefits and drawbacks of full disclosure. There are benefits and drawbacks of responsible disclosure. There will never be a consensus.

I'm not trying to say it's not worth trying, but when doing a Google search for "full disclosure" and "responsible disclosure" on comes up with:

All on the first page . . . all from 2010 . . . All as threads with this debate going on . . .

Hasn't the deceased equine been flogged enough?

I believe there are times when full disclosure is better, especially when a company has shown a track record of not following through. I believe there are times when responsible disclosure is better. I don't think it's an absolute and this is not the only criteria I use when trying to decide which one applies to a scenario. But when the debate keeps going on over and over and over and over again . . . perhaps there should be a "Full Disclosure vs Responsible Disclosure" classification for Slashdot.

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