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Comment: Re:Chinese hackers to mandate leet speak (Score 1) 189

by mathnerd314 (#28261965) Attached to: Chinese Government To Mandate PC Censorware
What if they make it so that people who don't have the software can't connect to the Internet at all? For example, they could have the software add a header to each packet, and drop packets that don't have the header (in the same way that they already drop packets that match certain keywords).

Comment: Re:If they do make a cube... (Score 1) 355

by mathnerd314 (#27935019) Attached to: Ultra-Dense Deuterium Produced

Actually, IIRC, gravitational field inside a solid sphere increases linearly with r for r less than R and drops off with 1/r^2 for r greater than R. In this case the field would be 50% of the field at the surface. I don't know where you got "logarithmic" from.

Of course this is assuming the earth is a perfect sphere of uniform density--if anyone has an even more accurate calculation, feel free to add it too ;)

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