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Comment: Re:Rockmelt (Score 2) 226

by mateuscb (#40119907) Attached to: Is Facebook Going To Buy Opera?
Thats because Rockmet uses Chromium. They simply added a couple of "plug-ins" to allow facebook, twitter integration. Best part, they managed to get $40 million in investment. Go figure. As far as data collection, a small start-up, entering a cut-throat browser market, with facebook and twitter logins isn't going to collect anything?

Comment: It may be a bit outdated, but does what i need. (Score 1) 451

by mateuscb (#31983350) Attached to: Best Alternatives To the Big Name Social Media?
I don't think it has the latest and greatess web 2.0 fancy features. But it does what I need it to do. I have been using for a while and thought there aren't alot of people on there. I have gotten my family and close friends on there, which has allowed me to share photos and stories with them quite easily. There are some things that are lacking ofcouse, but like i said gets the job done. I think other sites have this (I haven't used anything else in a long time). but it lets me break up my connections into groups. So, i can share certain info with certain people and not with others. Might be worth checking out.

+ - Apple goes after Google's Nexus One in patent acti-> 1

Submitted by mateuscb
mateuscb writes: Apple on Tuesday took aim at Google's smartphone as it accused Taiwanese handset manufacturer HTC, which makes Google's flagship Nexus One, of violating 20 of Apple's patents, some of which were issued in the mid-1990s. As many as 10 of those violations involve the Nexus One, Apple said in a complaint submitted Tuesday to the U.S. International Trade Organization (ITC).
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Comment: Re:TEAMVIEWER.COM!!!!! (Score 1) 454

by mateuscb (#30197302) Attached to: Simple, Free Web Remote PC Control?
I have to agree with the post. I have been using free version of TeamViewer with my mom, dad, sister and niece. It works like a charm every time. And, with their Quick Support link, it makes it super easy for people who are not very computer savvy to get started -- The other great thing I like about it is that I never have to install it, I run the installer and choose the "run" option, and it leaves no footprint. Overall, great app!

+ - Numerous Brazilian Cities Hit by Blackouts ->

Submitted by mateuscb
mateuscb writes: RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — A massive power failure swept over Brazil's two largest cities Tuesday night along with other parts of Latin America's largest nation, leaving millions of people in the dark. Officials did not immediately comment on the cause of the blackouts, but Brazilian media reports said there were unspecified problems at the huge Itaipu hydroelectric dam that straddles Brazil's border with Paraguay....The blackouts came three days after CBS's ''60 Minutes'' news program reported that several past Brazilian power outages were caused by hackers. Brazilian officials played down the report before the latest outages.
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+ - Nissan gives silent electric cars 'Blade Runner' a-> 1

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mateuscb writes: "A campaign backed by automakers and some lawmakers to make electric or hybrid cars noisier in a bid to increase safety for pedestrians and cyclists has taken a strange, âoeBlade Runnerâ-type twist. Nissan sound engineers have announced that the Leaf electric car set for release next year will emit a âoebeautiful and futuristicâ noise similar to the sound of flying cars — or âoespinnersâ — that buzz around 2019 Los Angeles in Ridley Scottâ(TM)s dystopian thriller based on a Philip K. Dick science fiction novel."
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+ - Teachers Salaries Rise To $100K->

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mateuscb writes: "Makes me wonder if I chose the right career path. Currently a software developer, I had thought of becoming a teacher, but the lure of the silicon valley 100K salaries made my decision pretty easy at the time.

This is a great economic time to be a veteran public schoolteacher. Valerie Huff, a math teacher at East High here, a tough urban school, made more than $102,000 last year.


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Comment: Re:I don't get it (Score 2, Interesting) 340

by mateuscb (#25370951) Attached to: Now Even Photo CAPTCHAs Have Been Cracked
What a conicidence, just today i read a blog talking about a really cool new way we could do CAPTCHAS. The idea seems golden! I can't understand why something like this hasn't been tried. If google or this game creator were to try this, it would take a long time for computers to even come close to breaking this. Check out the blog

+ - Social networks at crossroads->

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mateuscb writes: "A few years ago, social networking Web sites were just some newfangled technology that college students loved. But over time, they have metamorphosed into an unavoidable Internet phenomenon that is changing the way people of all ages keep in touch with friends, find long-lost acquaintances, explore new hobbies and even look for employment."
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