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PlayStation (Games)

US Air Force To Suffer From PS3 Update 349

Posted by Soulskill
from the sounds-like-an-act-of-terrorism-to-me dept.
tlhIngan writes "The US Air Force, having purchased PS3s for supercomputing research, is now the latest victim of Sony's removal of the Install Other OS feature. It turns out that while their PS3s don't need the firmware update, it will be impossible to replace PS3s that fail. PS3s with the Other OS feature are no longer produced since the Slim was introduced, so replacements will have to come from the existing stock of used PS3s. However, as most gamers have probably updated their PS3s, that used stock is no longer suitable for the USAF's research. In addition, smaller educational clusters using PS3s will share the same fate — unable to replace machines that die in their clusters." In related news, Sony has been hit with two more lawsuits over this issue.

Comment: get their stories straight (Score 1) 344

by mateomiguel (#31995754) Attached to: Cleaner Air Could Speed Global Warming
There's so much confusion about global warming now I feel like just telling people to shut up for 10 years until they get their stories straight. And maybe pick a different name. I just read an article that global warming isn't really a good description of what's going to be going on. Supposedly. Now, some air pollution causes global warming but also air pollution prevents global warming, so what? huh?

+ - Starbucks, Google Invading Privacy in Korea->

Submitted by
mateomiguel writes "Starbucks and Google have teamed up to offer free WiFi in South Korea. Google foots the bill for free Starbucks' WiFi and gets users redirected to its Korean language portal after logging into WiFi services. However, before logging in users are required to submit their real name and resident registration number (or foreign registration number in the case of foreigners). This may be too much information to require in order to offer free WiFi access.

There are two twists to the story. Originally, when the service was launched, users only had to use temporary usernames and passwords to log in (http://joongangdaily.joins.com/article/view.asp?aid=2898718), but some time since December 2008 it was changed to full legal names and social security numbers.

Secondly, Google Korea just caused a big media stir in April by circumventing a new Korean government regulation that required any web portal which accepted user content (such as comments or videos) to ask for real names and registration numbers of all its users. Google Korea sidestepped this issue on its YouTube Korea site by disabling the ability for users on the Korean YouTube site from uploading content or posting comments. However, users could still access the international YouTube site without problems. This seemed to infuriate the KCC and caused them to start a 'legal review' of Google in order to try to nail them for some sort of violation as revenge. (http://english.hani.co.kr/arti/english_edition/e_editorial/350258.html)."

Link to Original Source

+ - Pirate Bay faces block over child porn

Submitted by mernil
mernil (666) writes "The Local reports: "File sharing site The Pirate Bay could be shut down, after Swedish police alleged that it is possible to access child pornography via the site. The Pirate Bay denies the charge, while the Pirate Party described the police's strategy as "a scandalous abuse of power". "After complaints from the public we have been able to establish that there is child pornography on Pirate Bay," wrote the head of the National Criminal Investigation Department's IT crimes unit Stefan Kronkvist in a statement."
The Courts

+ - Pirate Bay faces block over child porn files

Submitted by paulraps
paulraps (1007407) writes "File sharing site The Pirate Bay could be shut down next week, after Swedish police alleged that it is possible to access child pornography via the site. The owners deny the charge, and said that the police should first have informed them and should have be more concerned with trying to catch whoever is spreading the material. Sweden's 'Pirate Party' described the police's strategy as "a scandalous abuse of power"."

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