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Comment: Re:Just admire the pictures ... (Score 1) 269

by matazlmb (#37321528) Attached to: NASA Reveals New Images of Apollo Landing Sites
Thank you for calling me stupid. On a previus comment in this post they called me fuking idiot, and many other horrible things. I kind of get bored by people like you who can anly be verbally violent without arguing. It feels like going into a church to tell people that HE does not exist. At this point most of you turn into a mass of bigot believers.ha ha ha

Comment: Re:How sad is this (Score 1) 269

by matazlmb (#37321422) Attached to: NASA Reveals New Images of Apollo Landing Sites
"fucking idiotic" sounds bad, in case you are not aware of NETIQUETTE enough to realize it. So speak for yourself.. As being a reasonable person, I am hurt by people like you who are uncapable of arguing. This is the only kind of treatment I see in english speaking websites (not the same with other languages ) when someone thinks that it was faked. "fucking idiotic" is what people thought about Galileo.

Comment: Re:Nothing to worry about, move along (Score 1) 417

by matazlmb (#36582168) Attached to: Flood Berm Collapses At Nebraska Nuclear Plant
As far as my understanding fuel rods need to be refrigerated even if they are stored in pools- unfortunatly possibly leading to kind of the problem witch produced a hydrogen explosion in one of the nuclear containment building in Fukushima Daichi. I also recently read in the news that diesel generators kicked in to assure electric power to the refrigerating systems of the pool. So maybe there actually is something to worry about.

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