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Comment Re:I'ld rather have a recently-fabricated HP Alpha (Score 1) 147

RAMBUS is dead. I remember the old days where you could get a Pentium 4 that used RAMBUS. This shit was always overrated and super expansive. I knew people who had 128MB of RAMBUS (and you had to buy this shit in pair too) who wanted to upgrade to something descent for the times, like 1G. They ended up getting a whole new computer for the price they would have paid for their RAMBUS, and their new computer was much faster than their old one.
Also, Intel EPSD does server stuff. Check it out.

Comment Re:Debian? (Score 1) 202

I switched from Debian to Ubuntu three years ago, but I'm very seriously considering switching back. My theory was that Ubuntu LTS releases were roughly equivalent to Debian stable, and that regular Ubuntu was somewhere between testing and unstable. The second half of that works out sort of okay, but using Ubuntu LTS as an alternative to Debian stable is a bad choice. The upgrade path from one LTS release to the next is horribly painful, because you have to upgrade to each intermediate release. And, in practice, I find the every-six-months big-bang upgrades more intrusive and problematic than the continual, incremental upgrades on Debian testing or unstable.

Not anymore, you can directly upgrade from LTS to LTS.

Comment Re:That's nice, but... (Score 1) 46

I agree, and besides all this stuff they need to provide an easy way to install it using a PXE server. They have a bugged bootloader (BTX?) since 7.2 so I still have to use 7.1's loader to deploy any new versions. On top of that, I have to uncompress/untar/cpio a bunch of archive just to get access to the actual installer config file... and do the whole process again to get a disk image bootable from PXE.

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