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Comment: I know about this FIRST HAND (Score 1) 186

by masterjere (#36317062) Attached to: Google Uncovers China-Based Password Collection Campaign
I had a few clients of mine experience this over the last few weeks. It has not been pleasant to say the least! It took me almost 3-4 days to recover the "password and account" on one of the Gmail accounts that had been "flagged" (so to speak) which I thought was RIDICULOUS. I mean if you "live and die" by your email - like I do, 3-4 days would be an ETERNITY. My thoughts anyhow. Nice post!

Comment: LOL! Finally someone said it! (Score 1) 399

by masterjere (#36138080) Attached to: HDMI Brands Don't Matter
I'm so happy you just said it "adeelarshad82" - and great link to Will's article. I have been "duped" into buying this crap everytime I purchased a "TV" or a "Console, like xbox, ps3, whatever" - they would always say, you need these cables to get the best picture - at yet a 3-500% markup. Just RIDICULOUS! HA! Well

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