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Comment: If the Japanese didn't built the Yamato... (Score 1) 114

...we wouldn't have gotten Space Battleship Yamato, one of the most epic stories ever written.

If one wants to understand the Japanese mentality, they can start with Space Battleship Yamato. The mixture of violence, romance, war, and the fact that the heros of the show would rather die than surrender to aliens, are some important aspects of the Japanese culture.

Comment: Sega failed for the same reason the Amiga died. (Score 1) 153

by master_p (#49117351) Attached to: Is Sega the Next Atari?

Sega failed for the same reason the Amiga died: they both failed to catch the 3d boat at home.

Sega was the king of 3d in the arcades, with sprite-based and vector-based graphics.

However, on the home front, they totally missed the boat. The first console that could play a decent version of Outrun was the Sega Saturn, whereas the PCs of the time and the PS were used and promoted for playing 3d games.

Comment: Re: D has problems, and not just a few (Score 1) 386

by master_p (#48863327) Attached to: Is D an Underrated Programming Language?

Amen brother.

I was saying almost exactly what you just said but no one listens. Almost everyone thinks D is better than C++. In reality, D is far worse than C++, with twice the inconsistencies and gotchas.

What C++ needs to really make D obsolete is: a) concepts, b) modules, c) put all of C's unsafe operators inside unsafe blocks. Then it will really shine.

Comment: The debate is actually Framework vs Library (Score 1) 551

by master_p (#48837485) Attached to: Systemd's Lennart Poettering: 'We Do Listen To Users'

SystemD takes the Framework approach: it provides a set of features and a way to use them. The user of SystemD cannot escape that.

On the other hand, SysV init takes the Library approach: it gives you the tools that do a specific job, but organizing them and putting them together is a job for the user.

In that light, SystemD is actually anti-Unix, because the Unix way of doing things is the Library approach, i.e. a set of tools that one can use in whatever form they need.

Now that I've said the above, the real question is the following: is Init served better by the Framework or the Library approach?

Comment: The iTunes UI sucks big time (Score 1) 598

by master_p (#48738317) Attached to: Tumblr Co-Founder: Apple's Software Is In a Nosedive

I installed iTunes last week on my Windows PC in order to search for some iOS games I saw on God, the iTunes UI sucks a lot!!!

First of all, the different areas of the Window are no longer cleanly separated. Trying to find where each UI element starts and stops was near impossible without mouse over.

Secondly, the scroll bars appear only on mouse over. In order to scroll, I had to constantly move the mouse over the area to scroll in order to make the scroll bar appear.

Thirdly, for some odd reason, scrolling lists in iTunes are horizontal.

Forthly, I could not find where games were. I uninstalled iTunes, thinking that games were removed from it, but then after seeing that Apple still does not have their game catalog online, I had to install iTunes again. I then found out that iOS games are listed under the Apps section.

Comment: Logic certainly proves that there is no God. (Score 1) 755

by master_p (#48703103) Attached to: Science Cannot Prove the Existence of God

The 3 properties that God has, according to Scripture, is that he is omnipotent, i.e. can do everything, he is omniscient, i.e. he knows everything, and he is omnipresent, i.e. he is everywhere.

Logic (of the mathematical kind :-)) says the above cannot exist, because it is contradictory to itself.

If a being is omnipotent, then it certainly can create something stronger than itself, can it? But then it is not omnipotent. But if it cannot create something stronger than itself, then it is also not omnipotent.

If a being is omniscient, then it certainly knows every person's future, and hence our future is prewritten, and so it is also prewritten if we are good and go to heaven or bad and go to hell. But the scripture also says we should try to be good...but if the future is predetermined, the word 'try' is completely meaningless.

If a being is omnipresent, can it create anything? If it can, then it is not omnipresent, because there was free space for creation. If it cannot create anything, then it is not omnipotent.

The above might sound like wordplay, but it is not. It is actually math disguised as wordplay. It is math that talks about sets and infinity. And it is indisputable mathematical proof that there cannot be an omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent God.

Comment: Cool, but not as cool as the N9 series... (Score 2) 60

by master_p (#48674591) Attached to: Nokia's Back In the Tablet Business, With the Android Lollipop-Based N1

As a user of several devices, I can tell you that the N900 was the only device that actually felt like a pocket computer.

For us computer geeks, the concept of N900 was the ideal device: quite open, based on Linux, accessible from the command line, with a nice keyboard you could use to program for, etc.

There are millions like me who are waiting for the successor of N900. It is a huge lost opportunity for Nokia. Bringing out tablets with Android is cool, but what they did with N900 was way cooler...

Comment: Legit reviewing can be done using electronic keys. (Score 1) 88

by master_p (#48667461) Attached to: TripAdvisor Fined In Italy For Fake Reviews

Fake reviews can be eliminated by forcing the reviewers to post a key code along with the review.

The key codes would have been given to the reviewers by the hotel.

The hotel would have gotten the keys from Trip Advisor.

Therefore, TripAdvisor can then check if each review is legit or not. Non legit reviews would not contain the appropriate keys, and the keys would be expirable after a month.

Comment: Seriously, Vin Diesel as Picard would kick ass. (Score 1) 332

Since we are in a different universe, they might as well do a Picard movie, and their is no better actor to play him than Vin Diesel.

The great Diesel could kick some serious Borg butt in this movie, and destroy the Romulans/Klingons/Kardassians as well in the proceedings, leaving the door open for the Federation to anex the whole galaxy.

Joking aside, Diesel would be a much more believable Federation Officer than a 30 year old with a 15 year old face...

Comment: Today it is porn, tomorrow it is your political vi (Score 1) 294

by master_p (#48660659) Attached to: BT, Sky, and Virgin Enforce UK Porn Blocks By Hijacking Browsers

It will not be long that the UK government will choose to put any site they do not like into the black list.

In a few years time, the internet will contain government-approved material only.

If you want to read an opinion that is different than the government's, you will not be able to without turning the filter off.

If you turn the filter off, then you might be flagged as a terrorist.

The sad part in all this is not what the governments are trying to do is the people's reaction. There is a largs percentage of people willing to accept tyrrany. This thread is full of them...look at all the posts that downplay the signifance of this filter equating it to wifi hotspot login...

Comment: Re: faster-than-light propagation of non-informati (Score 1) 122

by master_p (#48520655) Attached to: The Fastest Camera Ever Made Captures 100 Billion Frames Per Second

Actually, no. The point of light in the cloud will not move faster than the speed of light, as this violates the special relativity theory.

Please remember that pointing a laser beam onto a cloud is like transmitting information. For example, by turning the beam on and off ala morse code, a message is transmitted. So it cannot be faster than light.

"Success covers a multitude of blunders." -- George Bernard Shaw