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Comment: Re:Oh, great ... (Score -1) 204

by master_meio (#20345829) Attached to: Sony Runs Walkman Off Sugar-Based Bio Battery
Repeat after me, "I am not entitled to a large network of friends. No one should be forced to like me or associate with me. If I want to meet people and gain friends I will have to make myself more appealing to those people in some way."

Now, continue repeating that until you stop being a jackass.

I am a geek now, I have always been a geek. My definition of "Party" has always been slightly different that many other peoples. There was no shortage of social opportunity for me. I was just pickier about which ones I chose. There is NO REASON for the people I chose not to socialize with to have to allow me to participate in their group activities.

Bah. Why am I even responding to you...

"When it comes to humility, I'm the greatest." -- Bullwinkle Moose