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Comment: Re:Remember Hypatia (Score 1) 386

by bmo (#49557057) Attached to: Woman Behind Pakistan's First Hackathon, Sabeen Mahmud, Shot Dead

Go ahead and find a news article of radical Christians killing thousands of innocent people every month in Africa with gasoline, matches, and machetes

They do.

Or have you completely fucking ignored what's been going on in Uganda?

Engineered by guess who? "Christians" in the US.

People like you disgust me.


Comment: Re:Remember Hypatia (Score 1) 386

by bmo (#49556347) Attached to: Woman Behind Pakistan's First Hackathon, Sabeen Mahmud, Shot Dead

I love how you have to go back 1600 years to find an example of Christians being assholes

No, all I have to do to find examples of Christians being assholes is to open the fucking newspaper and read current events.

The Christian Taliban, aka the Dominionists, Reconstructionists, "Christian Warriors", "Joel's Army" et alia, surely do exist. And they are frightening.

Read this take-down of Joel's Army: http://www.discernment-ministr...

The greatest weapon against religious fanaticism is education

Fixed, but only to a point. Many of the most loudest "kill all the fags" and "America is a Christian Nation" dolts that have a following have college educations. Fred Phelps was a lawyer and so is the rest of his family.


Comment: Re:And the vendor response will be... (Score 1) 279

by bmo (#49531183) Attached to: German Court Rules Adblock Plus Is Legal

They replace the ad space with a message like this: "You're running Adblock. Please consider whitelisting us so we can pay for this website. Thank you."

Fark does this. I wish more sites did. Fark also has subscriptions for the private side (TotalFark 5 bux/mo). Value added selling works when there is actual value added.


Comment: Re:And the vendor response will be... (Score 5, Insightful) 279

by bmo (#49527021) Attached to: German Court Rules Adblock Plus Is Legal

I suspect the vendor response will be more along the lines of, "We've detected Ad Block on your computer. You will be unable to view content on this site while this is active."

Some already do this.

My response is always "fuck you, I'll go elsewhere then."

And the "elsewhere" where they don't do that is typically better.

I also run the EFF's Privacy Badger.


Comment: Re:Fire-Resistant Safe (Score 1) 446

/ANYTHING/ can be drilled.

Even diamond.

Maybe not conventionally with a high-speed-steel drill bit, but yes, holes are drilled even in diamonds every day.

If something is conductive, it can be wire-EDM drilled no matter how hard it is. If not, it can be lasered or waterjet cut. There is more to drilling than the twist drill in your Makita cordless drill.


Comment: Re:standard mumbles (Score 1) 199

by bmo (#49457351) Attached to: Supernovae May Not Be Standard Candles; Is Dark Energy All Wrong?

I vote for steady state

It doesn't matter what you vote for or what you believe. The data says you're wrong.

To head off this inevitable statement: "But this debate proves that we don't really know anything!"

No, no it doesn't. Read this before you go any further:


Comment: Re:Everyone loves taxes (Score 2) 173

by bmo (#49456901) Attached to: Microsoft Pushes For Public Education Funding While Avoiding State Taxes

YOU can't be taken seriously because most of us out here know what $1TRILLION could have done for infrastructure and education. But no, we've got flag-waving racist imbeciles like you who want to piss it all away on odious shit, like killing brown people, and politicians who will pander to them and suck the cocks of the military industrial complex.

What you don't get is that you've been pick-pocketed to kill people.

Just shut the fuck up.


Comment: Oh god the stupid... (Score 4, Interesting) 489

by bmo (#49440681) Attached to: Reason: How To Break the Internet (in a Bad Way)

I went to Sperry's twitter page.

The amount of Libertarian derp is stunning.

Didn't bother with the other author.

Title II is in effect because the ISPs decided to not play nice with their customers. If everyone liked Comcast, for example, instead of calling it the absolute worst company in customer service, we would never be here.

The days of the mom-and-pop ISP with direct personal service and "organic growth" of the Internet has been over for more than a decade. And what has taken their places are large customer-fucking entities with abysmal customer service and that absolutely refuse to upgrade infrastructure but instead put caps on use to deal with the demand. And for that they demand ever higher payment. This is after we threw billions at them to install last-mile fiber that they never installed, but instead handed out to the shareholders.

In the People's Libertarian Paradise of Concord, NH, we have exactly *two* "broadband" providers, both of which suck massively, one of which doesn't even offer broadband as currently defined (=>25Mbps). Comcast and Fairpoint (unfairpoint, fairly bad point, etc)

That's why we are here. This is "why we can't have nice things."

Screw both of these guys and Reason magazine too. If not outright corporate shills, they are at least useful idiots.

Quislings come in all forms.


Comment: Re:Easier to Destroy than Create (Score 1) 146

by bmo (#49416581) Attached to: The New Struggles Facing Open Source

The struggle now is how to keep people from destroying things. FireFox is a disaster. Gnome is useless. Seems like people take over these projects and tear them to pieces.

I don't think the Open Source community is entirely free of the Peter Principle and politics for all the talk of meritocracy and organic growth. Especially when we have companies that subvert those goals for their own agenda despite their original lofty goals at founding.


Comment: Re:A hit-piece of a submission... (Score 1) 157

Contracts are only valid when both parties negotiate on good faith and without undue pressure.

Contracts are also only valid when they're enforceable.

Without any power behind a contract (i.e., some sort of laws and force of government, e.g., regulations), contracts are nothing more than "damn pieces of paper" and your "word," whatever that is at the time.

This is where the libertarian fantasy drives off a cliff - that we can have contracts without The Man.

That only worked when your tribe was > 300 people and you could do ad-hoc "trial by combat."


"America is a stronger nation for the ACLU's uncompromising effort." -- President John F. Kennedy