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Comment Re:Unlikely (Score 1) 307

Dude. I'm privacy conscious and I want/use IPv6.

As already mentioned many times, all modern computers support IPv6 privacy extensions giving you a regularly changing random IPv6 address.

Furthermore, does your IP-address really matter when you are logged in to you Google and Facebook account all the time on all your devices and dozens of cookies/trackers follow you on every website you visit? Your IP-address is quite irrelevant these days.

Comment Re:Cloud (Score 1) 307

Still can't use it on Amazon (excluding the worthless-to-me ELB).

Microsoft Azure does not support IPv6 at all. From Azure's FAQ:

Does Azure support IPv6?

Microsoft has played a leading role in helping customers to smoothly transition from IPv4 to IPv6 for the past several years. To date, Microsoft has built IPv6 support into many of its products and solutions like Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 R2. Microsoft is committed to expanding the worldwide capabilities of the Internet through IPv6 and enabling a variety of valuable and exciting scenarios, including peer-to-peer and mobile applications. The foundational work to enable IPv6 in the Azure environment is well underway. However, we are unable to share a date when IPv6 support will be generally available at this time. For more information on IPv6 technologies and IPv6 support available in the Windows operating system today, see Microsoft’s IPv6 information site which includes business, technical, and developer resources:

So, no. Maybe some day.


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