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+ - Customising Mercurial Like a Pro

Submitted by Digana
Digana writes: The Mercurial DVCS has lots of infrequently-touted features. Revsets are a powerful query language for selecting commits. There is a template language for customising the output in many ways. The CLI output can easily be coloured with 256 xterm colours. Commits are automatically categorised as draft or public. Putting together all of these features, you can get a highly customised and informative CLI for giving you at a glance all the information you need.

+ - Europe to vote against 3 strikes approach (again)-> 1

Submitted by
neuron 18
neuron 18 writes: "The European Parliament is about to vote (for the second time) the 138 amendment (now renumbered 46) of the Telecom Package, that may (or may not) prevent European states to implement any kind of 3 strikes approach against P2P and file sharing.
La Quadrature Du Net asked European citizens to call their members of the parliament, and other european groups also asked for action. The Pirate Bay changed its logo to use the old-fashioned swedish-telecom one, from the minitel age ...
The vote will take place on April 21st in ITRE european working group."

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Comment: Re:What's in it for me? Nothing! (Score 1) 264

by marmoute (#26376193) Attached to: Google Over IPv6 Coming Soon
spoken as a consumer/end-user/Joe Sixpack. Looking at hosting a game online : it's broken unless specific router configuration preventing my flat-mate to do the same. Looking at video chatting : it's broken unless specific router configuration working only for me. Looking at sharing holiday movie with children and my pR0n with my friend : it's broken unless specific router configuration working only for me. Looking at using peer to peer to download the previously-cited pR0n : Not seeding, poor performance unless specific router configuration. Technically speaking, ipV6 allow static DNS for roaming machine, QoS (to handle Sixpack pR0n dl and VOIP at the same time), Useful broadcasting. (I'm aware some point have been already cited but I decide to sum them up in this post)

Comment: Why only cordless mice in general category ? (Score 4, Insightful) 246

by marmoute (#26282215) Attached to: The Best Computer Mice In Every Category

Coordless offer a pleasant versatility in particular when you work with someone else on the same computer or if you use a laptop. I use a cordless one for my laptop and I really don't miss those annoying cables. But cord mice are usually lighter than cordless which need they battery included. Because of this weight difference I prefer good old cordful mice for pure desktop machine.

Additional but lesser arguments again using cord everywhere are than you need to pay the additional circuit plus to recharge and recycle additional battery.

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