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Comment Re:Literally the only useful thing to me (Score 2) 219

when was the last time you used Linux?? Running Ubuntu Mate on a T61p right now, never skipped a beat from the moment it was install.. Compare that to my POS win7 work laptop that has been higly crappified by security and you'd choose linux everyday too.. Apple bahhh walled garden

Comment Re:I dub all unswitchable hardware: disposable (Score 1) 362

I think that Business machines will be exempted here.
The corporate I work for has their own licencing server and loads their own crappified version of Windoze 7, also all our PC have UEFI disabled and secure boot ... I see big business has the bg stick in that arena.

Comment Re:FP? (Score 1) 942

I still come across older cars that had both speed scales.. Even my wife pretty much unconsciously knows that approx 40mph = 60km/h; 50 mph = 80km/h and 60mph = 100km/h..... Even after we switched in the 70's people are still mainly bi-lingual... talk to me about the weight of a new baby and unless it's in lb I really am not sure if 2889g is big or not.....Arguments against fully " metracizing " are pretty moot. Been in a country that changed over and hearing all the hand wringing makes me sit back and laugh.

Comment Re:Whining. (Score 1) 332

In my company you would be out on your butt so fast your head would spin.
We demand, clean code correct code and correct documentation.
We also peer review the work and have the right to reject, which I do regularly Most of my colleagues correct their mistakes and admit to a brain fart day. poor performing colleagues strangely become redundant................

Comment Re:Disincentive? (Score 5, Informative) 234

what tripe!!! all the above is done in AU.
A blocked IMEI can still call 112 the international emergency number as well as 000 the local equiv of 911.
Each carrier keeps a local copy of the stolen register and updates regularly and the phone IMEI is then blocked ***at registration*** to the network not on a per call basis if it is used at all.
One thing Au has over the US is only 3 networks and not a patchwork of carriers, this makes things rather easier.
The AU example if I remember correctly was a Govt. mandated requirement, ie. do yourselves or we will make it law.....

Comment i Have some nice OFC cables for the "golden ears" (Score 1) 277

@ $3000/m. they will.....
  jizz up your love life.
Stiffen your pecker
lighten the load on your wallet so you can sit flat on your couch while "pullin' the pud' about music

I think all this dicussion is an example of GET A LIFE......

I use FLAC, AAC MP3 and dont give a shit coz' in the end, the music for me is background and I dont feel the need to do any of the above


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