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Comment: Re:the whole things an editor if you're brave enou (Score 1) 114

by marklark (#48765025) Attached to: Text Editor Created In Minecraft

Another really important question is just how much of the world's creative potential is devoted to creating meta-inventions on top of rulesets intended for something else entirely rather than, say, bringing about world peace, curing cancer, feeding the hungry, or just plain moving out of your mom's basement.


The same could be said about JavaScript... ;^)

Comment: Re: Practicality? (Score 1) 230

by marklark (#44318377) Attached to: Scientists Silence Extra Chromosome In Down Syndrome Cells

I don't think there is a single person out there who would elect to go through with having a child with disabilities if they had any practical choice in the matter.

Ah! That's where you'd be wrong. People do choose to have children with DS. (And it's not about the $s)

Comment: Re:so what? (Score 2) 812

by marklark (#42980365) Attached to: Homeland Security Stole Michael Arrington's Boat

I had the opportunity to look up an address in Washington State on Google Maps and found that there were a lot of boats in the suburbs of Seattle. They were typically parked on their trailers in or very near the front yards of their owners' homes. Small boats, surely, but obviously ready to use when the desire presented itself.

Nothing happens.