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+ - Autogenerated Advice that Doesn't Blow Chunks->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Most geeks abhor the thought of auto-generated content let alone answers, Mahalo, Cuil, and Spam aggregators are great reason for angst. What if it could be done well, what if you didn't have to scour hundreds of sites piecing together reviews, thoughts and opinions, digging through to page 10 of Google, what happens if you could actually get an answer to your question in one spot. Well our little team of 3 software engineers and a comp sci professor spent the last 10 months figuring out how to do this in a way that even a geek could love. We were photo geeks so we decided to aim our recommendation AI robot at that domain first, we just launched. Every camera, every comparison and custom rounds ups, context sensitive to your needs and of course our favourite noob feature: "just frigg'n tell me what to buy". Now before you say — yeah geeks love to research, no robot can match my research skills, think about all those things you had to buy and just wish you had a single spot — buying all the baby crap for my first kid was a nightmare — you can't be a geek about everything and our robot advisor ain't so bad — seriously."
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+ - 'Sea monster' fossil found in Peru desert->

Submitted by Arvisp
Arvisp (1626837) writes "Researchers scanning the Peruvian desert for whale fossils have stumbled upon the remains of a "sea monster" three times the size of a modern day killer whale.
The teeth of "Leviathan Melvillei" were so large it was initially assumed they were elephant tusks.
"There were no elephants in South America before 3 million years ago, and the specimens found have an age of 12 to 15 million years, so that was impossible," said Professor Jelle Reumer, one of the team of scientists who found the fossil in the Pisco-Ica desert in coastal Peru."

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