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Comment: Mental masturbation (Score 1) 729

by marked23 (#36258154) Attached to: Does Quantum Theory Explain Consciousness?
In a fit of free-thinking, I once proposed that god/nature invented the unpredictability of quantum events expressly for the purpose of enabling free-will. Or more generally, quashing determinism.

If we are really all just a pile of chemicals and electrical signals, our universe is determinate.

However nature gives us chaos at the quantum level. If any of that craziness influences anything at a larger scale, (in aggregate, how could it not?), then our universe is not determinate.

So why would nature 'choose' to ensure that determinism is not the law of the land?... Nature wouldn't, but perhaps a bored god would.

Comment: Re:Why would some people think that ? (Score 3, Informative) 832

by marked23 (#35114670) Attached to: Bill Gates Says Anti-Vaccine Effort Kills Children

>how in the hell could better vaccines and better health care help lower the world population?

Populations who have lower rates of disease, and better access to health care, tend to have smaller families because they don't have to have more kids as a hedge against their own death rate.

Smaller families becomes a snowball effect to more wealth, and even better access to healthcare.

Oh, and what's so bad about population control?

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