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Comment Does the universe have a resonant frequency? (Score 1) 394

Will gravitational waves reflect from the boundaries and is it possible to have a resonant condition?
Since gravitational waves move at the speed of light, and the universe is expanding at less than the speed of light (correct me if I'm wrong) the waves will eventually reach the boundaries. Will they be reflected?. With additional energy input from more black holes crashing into each other can a resonant condition occur where everything starts ringing?

Comment There's no economic justification for (Score 1) 165

printing conventional bricks. Even as expensive as Lego bricks are, 3D printed bricks are crazy expensive when you factor in the machine's cost and the time required to print.

What does make sense is to print stuff that Lego doesn't make or is very difficult to obtain from Lego. As for compatibility, any crappy printer can print things to which you glue real Lego bricks to get absolute compatibility. You can print things with flat surfaces to which the smooth sides or the bottom edge of Lego bricks can be glued with almost any crappy 3D printer.

Do you want to make a swinging door for that Lego house or castle? Print a door with integral hinge than can be glued to a few bricks to allow it to be snapped into the structure. You can make all sorts of motor mounts, gears, hinges, rotary joints, etc., very easily.

Comment I think it was interesting that the bed (Score 1) 96

temperature had a bigger effect on particle emission than the extruder temperature.

This implies that a lot of particle emissions are coming from the bed/print interface. What would cause that?

I manage 6 of these machines all tucked into a not particularly well ventilated corner of a room at the makerspace. I'll be taking this seriously.

Comment Adrenaline control? (Score 1) 287

The main thing I learned in my endocrinology classes in dental school was this: hormones are nothing to screw around with. They affect so many different things and messing with them causes so many unintended consequences, it is best not to play around with them unless there is a medical reason to do so.

Comment I foresee a problem (Score 1) 474

My observations have taught me that people who have time and money and nothing specific to do tend to get into mischief. This applies at both ends of the economic spectrum, though people with lots of time and money also tend to fund some interesting and beneficial things as well as their own self-destruction.

I'm not saying don't give them the money. I'm just saying there is a potential problem that should be anticipated and may need to be addressed. Will people seek jobs if you pay them a basic living without demanding that they work? Certainly some people will and some won't. Does the handing out of money create a permanent underclass? Does it create something else- a permanent artistic class who devotes all its time to "unproductive" activities such as music, dance, and art- all areas that are traditionally difficult to earn a comfortable living? Both?

Comment Our tax laws are the way they are (Score 1) 456

because of the money that is used to buy politicians/elections. When it becomes cheaper to buy a politician than to pay the tax, you buy the politician. Don't expect to see any changes that result in more tax revenues coming in from corporations or very rich people any time soon. If someone succeeds in increasing tax revenues it will come at the expense of people who work for a living, because they have no say whatsoever in what their government does.

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