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Comment I had an iPod once (Score 3, Insightful) 461

I don't think Apple is new to poor user interface design. I installed iTunes (because there was no other easy way to put music on the dumb thing) and tried to copy some music files to the iPod. What a nightmare. That was a few years ago. I remember wondering what all the fuss about the "Apple user experience" was about. It seemed like the worst thing since Windows to me.

Previously, I had used SanDisk Sansa mp3 players. They couldn't have been simpler or easier to use. Apple could have learned a lot from them, if they cared about anything but trying to extract as much cash out of you as possible.

Disclaimer: I own Apple stock (which has been very good to me) but no Apple products. Please keep buying Apple products...I'm sure the usability will improve.

Comment The most important thing to know when buying a car (Score 1) 439

They are pros. They now all the tricks. They will beat you. They have what you want. You are at a disadvantage. After all your haggling they are going to screw you anyway because they are experts. Save yourself the anxiety, time, and effort, give them their price, and take your car home. It will only be as difficult as you make it.

Comment Re:Citizens United (Score 1) 86

As I understand the Citizen's United decision, money is speech. You can't interfere with free speech, so you can't interfere with money in politics.

If money is speech, speech must be money, so political comments (or any other speech) has a $ value. I wonder how the IRS is going to deal with all my contributions to charities given in the form of speech...

Just my 2 cents worth....

Comment Who pays at a restaurant? (Score 1) 444

Really? If you have even 1 billion dollars, you "earn" 100X more from your investments in the time it takes to eat a meal than the most expensive meal you can find. Why not pay the bill for everyone in the party? For chrissakes, how much is enough? Of course people want to hang out with you because you're rich. You have cool cars, houses, and lots of really nice toys. Why not let others enjoy your stuff as much or more than you do?

Earlier in life you may have had to work for your money, which might make you reluctant to give up some of it for either your own or others' pleasure. It's time to let go of that idea. You've made it. You won the prize. You reached the goal. You have so much of it that you can't possibly spend it as fast as you make it. You and the next 10 generations of your descendants will have enough so they never have to worry about having to work for their entire lives. Now it's time to enjoy it and if that means wasting some of it by buying cars for your relatives and friends, just do it and feel good about it.

Comment You just don't understand money. (Score 1) 444

Billionaires think BIG. They hang out with other billionaires because that's where the money is. If you're a billionaire, everyone you know, especially the other billionaires, are trying to figure out ways to get your billions. And you hang out with them because you're trying to get their billions. Billions isn't enough any more than millions was. The one who dies with the most wins!

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