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Comment I don't understand why it cost (Score 1) 179

$10k to develop this thing. Give me a Littman stethoscope, a $10 Harbor Freight digital caliper, and some free CAD software (DesignSpark Mechanical) and I'll have a copy rolling off my printer in about an hour. OK, maybe 3 hours if I have to modify the design a little and print a few test pieces.

The $10K probably included the cost of buying a 3D printer, a Solidworks license, and paid training for both.

Comment Re:Long time *NIXer considering switching to Windo (Score 1, Insightful) 193

If they can provide me with an OS that boots consistently...

What in their long history of OS's leads you to believe this one is different from all its predecessors?

How much did MS pay for this bit of astroturfing, or are you an MS intern, not getting paid at all?

Comment How does embedding a chip differ from issuing (Score 1) 312

a passport in terms of the security it provides for "the state"? Do you think that people won't be stealing/selling the chips to others who want to be identified as Finnish citizens? Do you think that a minor surgical procedure that can be performed in any alley is going to be more secure than a printed document?

Comment The real purpose? (Score 4, Interesting) 64

Vicodin used to be hydrocodone/APAP 5/325 until the FDA said that the APAP portion should be lowered to 300 mg. So Vicodin gets reformulated to 5/300 and the price goes up. If I follow FDA guidelines and write a prescription for hydrocodone/APAP 5/300 my patient has a substantial out of pocket cost because the pharmacy has to give them name brand Vicodin. If I write the prescription for 5/325, they can use generic which insurance covers fully, or if they are uninsured costs $5-10.

I suspect that the repackaging has more to do with maintaining the high price than the performance of the medication when packaged by a 3D printer.

Comment Attention Astroturfers... (Score 1) 492

Don't worry, your Win 7 will cease to be functional soon, and you will be assimilated. The coming shit-storm of security "upgrades" and bug "fixes", as with previous releases of Windows, will ensure that your system will slow to an unacceptable crawl and reliability will drop rapidly.

I haven't seen anything about Win 10 that makes me want to "upgrade". If anything, my years of experience with Windows have defined upgrade to mean leaving windows behind as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there are still just a couple programs that keep me stuck with Windows. I am always on the lookout for ways to replace those programs and when I find them it will be goodbye MS forever.

I refer specifically to CAD (Onshape looks like a possible replacement that I can run in a browser under Linux), and the software for my 3D scanner (Fuel3D). I'm not real big on the whole cloud thing, but I'll accept the risks involved if it lets dump Windows. I can do everything else I need to do under Linux.

OK, astroturfers, come and get it...

Comment Re:Don't buy the cheapest cable (Score 1) 391

And when you're out to eat at a restaurant, never buy the cheapest wine- go for the second cheapest! That way the girl you are trying to sleep with will think "he knows about wine so he must be cultured and that makes him a good choice for mating", or she will think "while he is conscientious about finances, he doesn't pinch pennies and that makes him a good choice for mating". It's a win-win!

Comment Re:quickly to be followed by self-driving cars (Score 1) 904

There's a big difference between owning the house you live in and owning the houses/apartments other people live in. The tax code favors owning other people's houses by allowing depreciation of the value of the property. That helps offset (or even allows a profit) any mortgages and repairs required in the first 10 years IIRC.

Comment Whenever I go out to tie one on I always (Score 1) 210

wear an adult diaper. That way, when I get wasted and can't control my bodily functions, I'm OK. Maybe bars should start putting diaper machines in restrooms- the product will probably get a lot more use than the other products that the machines sell.

"We learn from history that we learn nothing from history." -- George Bernard Shaw