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Comment Re:It's all about aging, stupid. (Score 1) 204 204

You're confusing anecdotes for science (assuming what they claim about their age and diet are true).

You can find lifelong tobacco smokers who are healthy into their 80s. That doesn't mean everyone who smokes is going to live healthy into their 80s.

Comment It's a bit of a sensationalist title. (Score 1) 249 249

I am sure the title was carefully worded to receive as much attention from the press as possible. When Fox-watching Joe Sixpack hears it he will think the sun's total output will drop that much. This will get the climate change deniers on Fox and in congress something great to misinterpret (even though they're not scientists, to use some of their words) and even though it is stupid and wrong, the debate over the "controversy" will run for years while they do nothing to attempt to prevent coming disasters.

Comment Re:It starts in med school. (Score 1) 191 191

Doctors/hospitals don't get the money that is billed. Insurance companies never pay the billed amount. Each transaction is negotiated between the medical office/hospital and the insurance company (think of the wasted time/ effort). Doctors in private practice still have to deal with insurance companies, unless they are doing cash only cosmetic work. Those guys deserve the money they get for putting up with the nutty patients they have to deal with.

Doctors who work for hospitals are employees like everyone else. Yes, they generally get paid more than check-out clerks at the grocery store, plumbers, etc., but they spend many years and a LOT of money getting trained (and abused) to do their work, and must continue training at relatively high expense throughout their careers just to maintain their licenses. They typically work long hours under stressful conditions. If that doesn't deserve higher pay than most I don't know what sort of work does.

Comment It starts in med school. (Score 4, Insightful) 191 191

They study for long hours without adequate sleep so they can learn to teach their patients how to live healthy lives. Then they get abused in the residency programs and work for less than minimum wage for 80 -100 hours per week. Then they finally finish and start to practice and have to work long hours without bathroom breaks, food breaks, or just letting off steam. They're getting screwed by insurance companies and hospital administrators at every turn. I'm amazed anyone still wants to go to med school in this country.

Comment I designed and built my own printer. (Score 1) 266 266

I use it to support my other activities- right now I'm working on a large volume chocolate printer (3.5 l) that contains parts that I made on my 3D printer. I have also started trying to print prosthetic hands for E-nable. I have designed and printed adapters to mount a web cam and cell phone on two microscopes and a telescope. You can see some of my designs here: and here:
If you're into electronics, a 3D printer is great for printing custom enclosures.

You can see my printer here:

I'm no fan of the $300 printer kits that have become so common. They are junk and will cause you to give up on 3D printing. Don't buy one of those. Like everything else in life, as the price goes down, the quality goes down with it. And no, it doesn't make sense as a "starter" printer. Junk is junk.

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