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Comment: Re:Not just Monsanto (Score 2) 179

by mark_reh (#49314739) Attached to: WHO Report Links Weed Killer Ingredient To Cancer Risk

Modern X-ray equipment, using phosensitive phosphor plates and digital sensors, are much lower powered than used to be used for film exposure. The X-ray units are designed so the beam is directional- there's very little scatter to the sides. Many dental X-ray units are hand-held (see and pose nearly zero risk for the operator. The operator is in greater danger of injury from dropping the device on their foot than they are from exposure to the beam if they are operating it per instructions.

The practice that is dangerous is dental personnel holding the film in the patient's mouth and making the X-ray exposure. I've seen pictures of a dentist's hand who had been doing that for about 30 years. His thumb and finger tips looked like they had been burned off.

Comment: I run Plex on a Vortexbox server I built (Score 2) 252

I originally built it to serve audio to my squeezeboxes, but recently started using it to stream video via Plex. I used a Shuttle XS35 V2 (I built it a couple years ago when that was a current model) with 4GB ram and a 1TB HDD (for now). The Shuttle box is fanless- a good idea in a dusty crawl space, and completely silent. It is also very small and light, so you might even find room for it in the house. It can be mounted behind a TV easily. Total investment $300.

Vortexbox is a media server specific linux distro that works very reliably and is designed for remote management via a web server. It includes Logitech Media Server, Plex, and a bunch of other useful apps.

I have it connected to the network by ethernet, and it streams to two PS3s (with paid app) and one Roku. My wireless network (820.11g) is too slow for 1080p streaming but handles 720p just fine. One PS3 is in my theater system and is wired to the network and 1080p streams fine.

Comment: My limited experience with Arduino (Score 1) 33

was trying to compile the firmware for my 3D printer. It turned out that the latest firmware (at the time) would not compile in latest version of the Arduino IDE. I had to hunt for a load an older version of the Arduino IDE to get it to work.

Open source is OK, but when you really have to get something done, a product that a bunch of people are paid to maintain and add to (Microsoft being the most notable exception) is usually going to work better. I always liked PIC microcontrollers and their IDE because it all just worked reliably and there was tons of support available. I have no idea how Arduino get so popular so fast when PIC stuff was already so cheap and easy to use.

Comment: Why would anyone make and sell a homeopathic (Score 1) 447

by mark_reh (#49249305) Attached to: Homeopathy Turns Out To Be Useless For Treating Medical Conditions

remedy for any condition?

Let's say I'm a competitor who wants to produce a homeopathic medicine for which I do not have the original substances that need to be diluted. All I do is buy one dose of the competitor's product and dilute it further and repackage it with my label. The more it is diluted the better, so my diluted stuff is better than the original.
Now multiply that by thousands of people who would like to be in the homeopathic remedy business. Why would anyone "research" and look for new "active ingredients" (or should I say activum ingredientium to confer the scientific sound that latin sounding names lend this sort of magic)?

What about rain? Rain hits just about everything and ends up in our drinking water supply, so drinking water is an extremely dilute form of virtually every "active" homeopathic agent. Why buy any sort of homeopathic remedy when all you have to do is drink water and you'll get them all?

Human stupidity expands without limit.

Comment: Re:Were you stoned when you wrote this,or just stu (Score 1) 447

by mark_reh (#49249147) Attached to: Homeopathy Turns Out To Be Useless For Treating Medical Conditions

You're confusing having a slick web site with having medical knowledge.

Why are they still in business? Because maintaining a web site is very inexpensive, and maybe they host the site and operate in a country where the authorities leave them alone.

Why do they have an "education" wing? To get people like you to think they are a legitimate operation.

Why are people against...? Because it is not based on science and has been demonstrated many times to be essentially worthless.

Look around you. Your phone, TV, the internet, your car, everything you have is the result of applying science. None of it is based on magic or wishful thinking, or prayer. It's based on people figuring out what works and what doesn't and leaving behind the things that don't, including homeopathy.

Comment: Re: First Post (Score 0) 447

by mark_reh (#49248987) Attached to: Homeopathy Turns Out To Be Useless For Treating Medical Conditions

Yes, because it's a widely known fact that ALL conditions, including cancer, diabetes, broken bones, arthritis, osteoporosis, dental caries, baldness, ulcers, dog bites, rotator cuff injuries, high blood pressure, anemia, depression, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, bromodrosis, etc., respond to antibiotics.

Comment: It's all about justifying H1B visas. (Score 1) 292

by mark_reh (#49221631) Attached to: Do Tech Companies Ask For Way Too Much From Job Candidates?

If they create a BS requirement that no one can meet unless they lie, they won't find a local to fill the job and can then go shopping for an H1B candidate. If a local candidate lies, they'll call him on it and use it as a reason not to hire. If an H1B candidate lies, they'll let it go and hire him/her anyway because they then have a slave that can be worked for 80 hours per week and is unable to do anything about it.

It's all about driving the pay downward. The guys at the top won't be happy until they have it all.

Comment: Let's see... (Score 1) 221

by mark_reh (#49207709) Attached to: New Concept Tire Could Recharge Car Battery

tires heat up a little, so this tire converts the increased temperature to electricity to recharge batteries. How much does a tire heat up? How much energy can be extracted from that heat? How complex is the mechanical coupling that moves that recovered energy to the battery?

Sure you can get some electricity from a temperature difference. It might be enough to run your wristwatch. Recharge an electric car's battery? Yeah, sure, youbetcha!

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