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Comment: I designed and built my own printer. (Score 1) 266 266

I use it to support my other activities- right now I'm working on a large volume chocolate printer (3.5 l) that contains parts that I made on my 3D printer. I have also started trying to print prosthetic hands for E-nable. I have designed and printed adapters to mount a web cam and cell phone on two microscopes and a telescope. You can see some of my designs here: and here:
If you're into electronics, a 3D printer is great for printing custom enclosures.

You can see my printer here:

I'm no fan of the $300 printer kits that have become so common. They are junk and will cause you to give up on 3D printing. Don't buy one of those. Like everything else in life, as the price goes down, the quality goes down with it. And no, it doesn't make sense as a "starter" printer. Junk is junk.

Comment: I met a "healer" in San Diego back in the early (Score 1, Insightful) 666 666

90s. He did all sort of aromatherapy, American Indian stuff, etc., and had people calling him night and day to ask if it was OK to eat this or that. Of course, he sold all sorts of homeopathic remedies for anything and everything. I ended up at a restaurant with him and some friends and shortly after dinner he lit up a cigarette. I asked him how he could be advising people all day long on how to stay healthy and then light up a cigarette. With a straight face he said "the stress of quitting smoking would cause him more harm the smoking itself causes".

What a f**king idiot!

Comment: Re:Whats wrong with US society (Score 4, Insightful) 609 609

You say the same crap that's been used to justify weapons stockpiles for decades. How much government tyranny is it going to take for you guys to start actually defending all our/your freedoms? With all the crap the NSA, TSA, FBI, and all the other three letter agencies do, you'd think we'd have had a civil war long ago. You guys keep on saying you need your guns to protect from government tyranny and yet it increases day by day.

"American's quite simply will not tolerate infringements." What a joke! Apparently even heavily armed Americans will tolerate infringements as long as they get to buy guns and spout right wing bullshit all over the airwaves and internet.

When is this revolt of your's going to happen?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

Comment: Re:Whats wrong with US society (Score 1) 609 609

You guys keep saying that and yet we have the NSA snooping into everything we do on a phone or on line. The TSA practically strip searches anyone getting on a commercial flight. How much tyranny does it take for all you guys to start doing something about it?

Yeah, that's what I thought...keep talking...

Comment: The real fraud is that being perpetrated (Score 1, Offtopic) 307 307

by the fast food companies. They load the food with genetically engineered microbes that kill off and replace the microbes that normally populate our guts. These microbes bear payloads of prions that can pass the blood-brain barrier and target the pleasure centers in the brain causing us to become addicted to the fast food. This causes us to gain weight. The pharmaceutical companies are in on the plot in order to sell more diabetes and other obesity-related health problem medications.

The real shock will come when we learn that true masters of the fast food companies and pharmaceutical companies are actually aliens from another planet who are fattening us up like so many cattle, before they come en mass to slaughter us for food.

THAT is what should be investigated!

Comment: Re:Disgruntled former engineer (Score 1) 168 168

No. Because the former employer in silicon valley probably depends on their internet connection for their business and cutting that connection will cause them a big problem and cost them a lot of money.

Why would it have anything to do with cable workers?

You can do this in a number of ways. IBM chose to do all of them. Why do you find that funny? -- D. Taylor, Computer Science 350