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Comment: Re:When did jocks become such pussies? (Score 1) 233

by man bear nerd (#48495411) Attached to: Football Concussion Lawsuits Start To Hit High Schools

I like Australian football and I respect the game but things are a bit different here. The few Australians that play in the U.S. are either place kickers or punters. Both would get knocked around like rag dolls if they decided to try to tackle anybody here. It's a completely different game.

juicing may have something to do with that players get heavier and die sooner than they did pre-juicing. http://www.boston.com/lifestyl...

Comment: Re:There are numerous other obvious flaws (Score 1) 275

by man bear nerd (#47968627) Attached to: Nvidia Sinks Moon Landing Hoax Using Virtual Light
This not so hard to understand why people believe this when you take a fleeting glance at the other idiocy's people believe like any religion especially the king of all religion Scientology (sorry Mormons you get second place )what a great example of the bigger the lie the easier the sell. one question for lunar loons what where all the rockets for just to convince all the idiots who believe they went to the moon for what gain?

Comment: Re:Both a supply crunch and falling prices? (Score 1) 249

by man bear nerd (#47698265) Attached to: The Cost of Caring For Elderly Nuclear Plants Expected To Rise
So the fear of radiation from a failing nuculer power plant is keeping America from building new plants to replace the old ones? what is the cutoff date for these old plants the day after they fail. btw if fukushima is your reason for not building a new power plant remember it took a mag.9.0 earthquake and a tsunami and failed later do to a fuel safety issue. chernobyl is no reason as it was the soviets they cared nothing for the environment or it's own people oh shit bad example just like america

Comment: Re:McGuffey's 4th New Eclectic Reader:"The Colonis (Score 1) 737

by man bear nerd (#46741611) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are You Apocalypse-Useful?
well older farmers from just a few decades ago were not just farmers they had to have more skills to make a living. A (small farm) farmer had to have experience as a mechanic,wielder,plumber,electrician,carpenter and engineer/problem solver. I grew up on a small farm with old failing equipment.

Comment: Re:Trades (Score 1) 737

by man bear nerd (#46741149) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are You Apocalypse-Useful?
I would build my base in a home depot preferably in a large shopping complex near the outskirts of a city take it over with a gang of some what skilled people.(no lawyers or politicians) A home depot or any large hardware shop would provide lumber ,weapons,tools cooking fuel and bbq's and loads of batteries.homes and near by shops could looted for food.

Chemist who falls in acid is absorbed in work.