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Comment The reason that nobody wants to admit... (Score -1) 387

These epidemics are happening in San Diego because that's where Mexicans illegally cross our borders. With no ability to check these people for diseases, they bring it to areas where there are no cases of these third-world diseases.

Blame this stupid Democrat government for not enforcing our borders, and allowing all sorts of threats to enter this country without oversight.

Why are you people hiding the true reason? Has political correctness rotted your leftist brains? Jenny McCarthy is such an insignificant media personality. She has little to no public sway whatsoever.

Just more of this, "Hurr, durr. Conservatives are behind everything that is bad." from the retard left.

Comment 20 years of wasting billions US taxdollars... (Score -1) 572

20 years of wasting billions US taxdollars on a program that no American taxpayer approved of only to have it all destroyed by a single NSA agent a conscience.

Perhaps the director should be fired... out of a cannon... into a wall. For being stupid enough to think such a large scale endeavor could ever remain a secret.

Comment And just the other day... (Score -1) 337

And just they other day they said he was completely lying. God damnit, this government a fucking joke. They lie through their teeth and backtrack when the lie does not gain traction.

Fuck Obama.
Fuck Feinstein.
Fuck Schumer.
And fuck and the other fucking Zionist traitors to the American people.

Comment Unfortunately it's all for naught... (Score -1, Troll) 860

Americans don't care. Democracy requires intelligence. The increased breeding among low IQed Mexicans and African-Americans is lowering the intelligence of our country. Mexicans consider themselves lucky if spying is worst type of behavior their government performs. Our current electorate cannot handle the responsibilities that democracy entails.

It's unfortunate, but until white people separate themselves from the ethnic undertow and the Zionists in our government, our democratic system will only continue to erode.

What's even more unfortunate is that white people are still not intelligent enough to understand what I am saying. They'll simply label me a racist nut and continue their same failed policies of multiculturalism.

Comment Re:What? Again? (Score 0) 808

Resources are all controlled by the very wealthy. If the proles can't provide any labor in exchange for the wealthy, the wealthy simply wont manufacture any goods or services for them. Why would they waste their resources? The only real reason they might continue to provide goods and services at a loss is to prevent a more costly revolution.

But I am sure WW3 will address all of these problems before they occur.

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