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So we should eliminate all systems that have waste in the government? My point was that everyone is so concerned about the cost of their school taxes (which they kind of can vote on) but no has a say about how much federal taxes are thrown away to the military were at least 10x the amount is spent (no one gets a 'say' on this). A large percentage of people don't even pay school taxes but almost everyone gets to pay for the military. My school district let about a third of the teachers go due to the closure of a business that was paying a 1/5 of the school taxes and is now gone. How do you fill a hole like that? Schools aren't even legally allowed to stock pile tons of cash so what prevents that type of catastrophe? No one is going to move to a school district that is teetering on collapse which only further compounds the problem. Maybe if I could resolve my own town budgets before kicking a dime to the Feds we wouldn't have these issues. Throwing money at a problem doesn't magically fix things, but money seems to be the biggest complaint about schools from tax payers yet no one is screaming at voting polls i mass numbers about Federal waste. Also my original response was to the parent asking for better individual classroom instruction from teachers that let students meet their full potential. My question was how do you do that with less money? What answer did your response have to address that?

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Even if we do hold back students, how would you fix this? Separate students even further creating more classrooms requiring more teachers? The biggest problem currently is that there isn't enough money. You can't come up with solutions to problems that cost more money. First fix the lack of money problem. I personally don't think is because teachers are paid too much but rather because priorities are not correct. We spend about 20% on military and 2% on education.

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by malignant_minded (#45991235) Attached to: Americans To FCC Chair: No Cell Calls On Planes, Please
Nope, I'm saying it isn't the FCC's job. Also I misread the parent's post where they actually mentioned FAA in reply to the GPs FCC response. I still stand by my original statement though, I don't see how it would really be FAA's role either. Someone talking on a phone isn't really a safety issue just because someone loses their cool.

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Doubtful, if that many people are complaining to the FCC then those potential customers will likely not use those airlines that allow talking which is bad for their bottom line. Again as others have posted it would be similar to movie theaters which do not tolerate cell phones. In theaters were it is not enforced customers just wont go if its an issue to them. Airlines could maybe do something to work around these issues perhaps acting as a relay for cell towers to boost signal for passengers but having a data throughput that prevents data streams for anything larger than the control channel packets giving you SMS.

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Don't they already? Not to sound a jerk but respecting others is the only reason people are expected to not be yelling on a plane. You shouldn't talk on a phone during a movie at the theater and for the most part this is a non issue that society ad hears to out of respect for others. Taking a flight to Miami during spring break will probably not be the quietest flight you have taken simply because most passengers are gearing up to party and they out number the norms of society at that moment. But your other flights are mostly quiet because everyone has pretty much agreed that talking loudly on a plane is rude and therefore don't engage in this behavior. Why should we treat cell phones differently? I would think most people would text anyway.
Kids crying on a plane doesn't really bother me because they are kids. By all means, as a parent please try and have some control over your kids by setting an example on how they should behave but people getting angry at kids whose world is so small and who don't know how to control their feelings and emotions is ridiculous in my opinion. Kids grow up just like we all did, mostly. As a society we will always "suffer" through their growth. I try and push past my annoyance and actually enjoy trying to figure out their behaviors at these times and think back on the stupid things I use to think were such big problems when I was a kid. I'm sure I pissed off plenty of adults in my youth. I am in a public place with tons of people operating on different time zones and I can't really expect kids, teens, and adults to respect my wishes so I need to adjust my outlook on these encounters and prepare for them. /me puts in earbuds.

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If I'm not confusing Doom with Doom2 I think it wasn't just 2D, the second or so room had imps on a shelf. Your aim automatically adjusted to kill enemies above, this was interesting in a room full of enemies on different heights but in front of each other. You are probably correct in that you couldn't have rooms below each other. The lack of aim may have also been a choice as the first one I remember that didn't use a mouse was Dark Forces. I think you aimed with page up and down. That is kind of cumbersome especially when tons of enemies stormed at you like they did in Doom. Also maybe they were trying to get as much resources out of dos by not loading mouse.

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Better equip vehicles for communication. End of 2013 and the car manufactures want you to use their crappy GPS when my phone has better maps that update on the fly. Put my damn phone on my middle dash screen or better yet hud the basics. Allow buttons that can be mapped to Siri / Google Command. I have 3 buttons one with 2 states on my 2013 Honda CRV, hang up, dial and callback on single button one by short press later by long press, and voice command which maps to Honda's stupid voice command not a multi button blutooth that can map to Siri / Google Command. If you gave a way to easily communicate with my phone then the phone would continue to expand and become better.
me: "send text to wife stopping to get milk"
phone "text wife stopping to get silk"
me: "not silk milk"
phone "text wife stopping to get milk"
me: "yes"
Could be no more distracting than me talking to someone or messing with the radio all with a single button press...but its not.

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So this is were a roku that caches my queue while I'm at work would be cool. Not gonna happen but I wouldn't mind an encrypted set top box. Cache 12 hours or something and continue to fill as I consume. Granted my on the fly choices are prone to buffering but my queued episodes are there. Maybe even a poor quality cache and fill higher resolution on the fly.

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Doesn't work for New York. You get told you have to and cannot get any good estimates without completing the form. There is a downloadable Excel spreadsheet (wtf?) that has tries to give an estimate but it doesn't let you see plans platinum, gold, silver etc. The valuepenguin site works, ty but why do I have to learn about some obscure website just to find information?

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I just bought a car after driving several. How would online options really help with determining what has good feel/performance for a customer. Some people like to feel the road others like a smooth ride. The terrible blutooth integration with my purchased car (though I dont think many cars support Google commands/Siri) makes me wish I played with it more at the dealership instead of just trying to make a call. Colors look different in daylight. Some plastics feel cheaper than others, the list goes on and on. You must have bought something online, opened the box and went "ugh I thought it looked different" So why would you want to put down so much on a car only seen online?

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You shouldn't have to. What we should be/are concentrating on is better reflow and text to speech. Higher resolution should be a benefit as text becomes less blocky making shape recognition easier. Just because resolutions are higher doesn't mean you should have smaller text if you don't want it. With so many different size devices you should be able to load and manipulate content on demand. So if you don't want images because of connection or space constraints, your choice. Images should also be vectored whenever possible. Currently I have 20/10 in one eye and 20/15 in the other at 33, I am hoping to hold onto this as long as possible but it will eventually decrease, that is life. Content should be able to handle all cases as the person desires. If I can only see 1 inch icons that should be my choice and my phone should have desktops with 4 icons.

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