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Yes, people sometimes mispronounced it, but that is due to ignorance.

Actually, the technology that became SQL was originally called Sequel, but that was trademarked so they changed to SQL. So the correct answer is /s kju l/, but that's only for legal reasons, and mispronunciations are as likely to be due to knowing more about the technology and its history as less.

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by malacandrian (#45011869) Attached to: Another 100 Gigabit DDoS Attack Strikes — This Time Unreflected
That is the point of using a botnet to run a DDoS, yes. A single control signal issues a huge surge in traffic. That doesn't make it an amplified attack though. An amplified attack is when the zombies trick a third party (such as a DNS server) to reply to the victim with more information than you sent them. This can up the size of the attack 100-fold.

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by malacandrian (#44738691) Attached to: Chinese Seek Greater Say In UK Nuclear Plants

yes. many people are unaware of the fact that these major power plants - coal, gas, oil, nuclear - are only efficient when they are at maximum capacity. if you shut them off for any reason (and this can be done fairly quickly), getting them back up to temperature can take *weeks*.

Actually, gas can be spun up in less than an hour. A lot of coal/oil plants have gas turbines on them that run during start-up for this very reason. Nuclear, on the other hand, basically can't be turned off. It's why your electricity is cheaper at night: stops the network becoming unstable from too much generation with no draw.

in fact, it's not very well-known but the wind systems in scotland where i used to live were heavily subsidised. the UK Govt pays them 25 thousand pounds A MONTH to NOT run them.

Strictly speaking the national grid, an independent private company who you would be perfectly free to set up a competitor to, pays them not to run. This is not unique to wind power, as balancing the load/generation across the network often requires plants of all varieties to be shut down at which point the plant owner is paid some proportion of the profits they would have expected to gain from running the plant to get them to turn it off.

in fact, as they're motors as well as generators, when it's not windy enough, from what i hear they're actually POWERED to make them LOOK like they're generating electricity, so that people don't wonder why they're not running.

That was a plot line from the sitcom "Twenty Twelve", not reality.

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by malacandrian (#44657967) Attached to: Students At Lynn University Get iPad Minis Instead of Textbooks
Most reading I'll do in dead-tree format, but reference materials are where my surface excels. The ability to copy the relevant text in to One Note (and often have it save all the meta data needed for referencing, along with a link to the original) and be able to easily flick between several open texts is indispensable. When researching my dissertation last year, I probably spent at least as long dealing with the one real book as all my electronic sources.

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