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Comment Re:Nice to know (Score 1) 75

Wow, pretty shameful. Can you specify where you're working at ? I've only worked at private companies (big & small ones) in France where using linux for office work was, well less than practical but accepted if you can sort it out (and servers on MS needed to be thoroughly defended if you needed to). From the people I knew in public research it was linux except in office works.

Comment Re:The art of doing more with less (Score 1) 175

Or write one for whichever sse has interesting instructions and a fallback mode in C. For embarrassingly parallel image processing divide your image in nbcores sub image and call your engine with each. No need to provide more. And writing good simd code is still better done by hand. All apple core are ARM, write one with NEON also or better for one core. The cost benefit analysis isn't always go with higher level languages either.

Comment Re:circuitboards (Score 1) 107

I'm making an open DIY game console which is sold around $50. I solder them myself with 0603, based on custom made PCBs (in Asia unfortunately) for a few $ each. Soldering SMD PCB by hand is definitely doable (there are nice tuts on youtube, by example Dave Jones ones). Of course my "products" need a PCB, but they're far from needing a $50 PCB apiece (with no components).

Comment Re:implication isn't guilt (Score 1) 200

OK - well I'm not but let's assume - Why not :
- single out that this is not normal or moral (even if legal) and shop accordingly
- let the bad publicity be asserted again and again until it changes (by example, just tell every time you talk about Amazon about their tax rate)
- talk about the sociopaths ruling the place as such and isolate them socially until they change (you know, like in certain societies / countries it is not accepted to do some things but perfectly acceptable to do in others ? it works.)

until they pay like they ought to (even if they're not forced to legally)

and in parallel, talk loudly about changing the rules so that it becomes politically infeasible to not do it (then do it).

Comment Re:Dreamteam Siemens and Bombardier (Score 1) 88

Yeah, sure, impossible for German and French to work together. Tell that to Airbus, ESA and its Rosetta and Ariane programs which are co-ruled by those two (and other countries, including UK, which French "hates" too, if you go that way). Besides, Bombardier is not French, Alstom (which is the TGV builder) is.

The Dutch railway company surely prefers to buy from as many different vendors as possible (who doesn't), but I fail to see how they would get a say in a hypothetical Siemens/Alstom merger. Just diversify by buying another vendor maybe (which they already do if I understand you well).

The fact that recently Siemens wanted to buy Alstom (failed bid, taken by GE) doesn't prove your point (maybe not the transportation branch, but well they "hate" all branches equal I guess).

Comment Re:Blur (Score 2) 215

In cgi, what you spend your time doing is rendering limitations to make it look more "real". Lens flare, dirt, vignette, glare , scratches, de focus, even color grading are artifacts or wear out that make it so more real than clean, 100% sharp plastic images.
We're seeing some elements through non neutral media and are accustomed to this filter. Look at how 100fps movies look like cheap video first. It takes time to change your habits. And if reality isn't a concern ... Well just use flash games.

Comment Re:Level of public funding ? (Score 1) 292

replying to myself :

this reminds me of chemists after organic chemistry / atomic physics discoveries saying that basically, science was done.

well, TFA has it ...

Before the arrival of quantum mechanics and Einstein's theory of relativity, two theories physicists have not yet been able to reconcile, 19th-century scientists predicted that all major discoveries had been made, Sherrilyn Roush, an associate professor of philosophy at the University of California, Berkeley, pointed out.

Way to get a free RTFA ...

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