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Comment: Big Brother Concerns? (Score 3, Insightful) 276

by madsheep (#28666967) Attached to: Cruising Fisherman's Wharf For New Passports' Serial Numbers
Well I am completely against the apparent weak encryption and their lack of shielding but I think the big brother concerns are a little overblown. I don't think this is part of some massive systems to track us. Unless the U.S. is setting up this massive trackng network on cruise ships and all over foreign countries... I don't think it will suck in much.. unless of course they enjoy getting receiving data from my passport that always reports that I am 1) at home or 2) on my way to the airport. Seriously.. what U.S. citizen carries their passport everywhere they go domestically?

Comment: Re:Mostly unrelated.. but No Banners/Web Advertism (Score 1) 193

by madsheep (#27481533) Attached to: 97 of Top 100 Classified Sites Are Craigslist
Maybe but I don't think advertising ruins everything. Look at all of the sites that are more popular than Craigslist. Show me which ones don't have ads. Hell look at the top of the screen as you read this.. what's that? An ad! Just make it small/low key and do more with it. Not might site, so who cares but it would be nice with their amount of traffic.

Comment: Mostly unrelated.. but No Banners/Web Advertisment (Score 1) 193

by madsheep (#27481359) Attached to: 97 of Top 100 Classified Sites Are Craigslist
One thing that has always baffled me is that they don't put up any web advertisements for the purposes of bringing in income. They are pretty low budget in terms of operating and only really charge for certain [commercial] listings. Why not put up some ads though? Even if you want to be modest and don't need the money, you could at least donate it to charity or build a big stack of 100 dollar bills, put two eyes on them, and tell people this is the money you could be saving with Geico. Come on!

Comment: This is great news but... (Score 5, Insightful) 130

by madsheep (#25411241) Attached to: FBI Says Dark Market Sting Netted 56 Arrests
This is great news and I am happy it was a successful sting operation. Bringing these guys down is something we all like to see and it helps make a lot of hard work of different people pay off. However, there is one item that has been mentioned a few times in other articles that blows my mind on this. From the Wired article:

The German report confirm rumors that have swirled around DarkMarket since late 2006, when uber-hacker Max Ray Butler cracked the site's server and announced to the underground that he'd caught Master Splynter logging in from the NCFTA's office on the banks of the Monongahela River.

In other words they were completely outed, although unsuccessfully, prior to the German report. They were actually hacked and exposed two years ago. That's pretty bad operations security. Never run/manage your sting site from where you really are.. well at least if that plays ties back directly to law enforcement. That's kind of like if a DEA agent showed up to a drug buy and parked his marked police car behind the dumpster nearby. ::face palm::


+ - Comcast Selectively Blocking Subscriber Traffic->

Submitted by
madsheep writes "It looks like Comcast is actively blocking subscriber traffic to a number of services that are primarily related to peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing. From the story: "Comcast Corp. actively interferes with attempts by some of its high-speed Internet subscribers to share files online, a move that runs counter to the tradition of treating all types of Net traffic equally. The interference, which The Associated Press confirmed through nationwide tests, is the most drastic example yet of data discrimination by a U.S. Internet service provider. It involves company computers masquerading as those of its users." It looks like Comcast is out there to limit your bandwidth and where you can go. What's next?"
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The Media

+ - Laser Printers May Pose Health Risks->

Submitted by
madsheep writes "From the article: "Emissions from office laser printers can be as unhealthy as cigarette smoke, according to an Australian professor who is now calling for regulations to limit printer emissions." It appears that device sitting next to could possibly releasing emissions that are bad for your health. Should there be new regulations on emissions from Laser Printers? Could this lead to the next wave of major lawsuits?"
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+ - Verizon FiOS Internet Hits 1 Millionth Subscriber

Submitted by madsheep
madsheep (984404) writes "Verizon's FiOS Internet service, which brings fiber to he premises (FTTP), has recently reached its 1 millionth customer. This is quite a feat for the high speed service, which many were initially calling too expensive of an undertaking to turn profitable. It looks like the decision to bring fiber into homes has really paid off for them. However, it is also paying off for you the consumer in the way of lower prices, more choices, and better bandwidth. Another notable item is that the Verizon FiOS TV service has reached over 500,000 subscribers."

+ - Labor Union Files Suit Agains TSA Over Lost Drive

Submitted by
madsheep writes "Recently on Slashdot there was a story about how TSA lost a hard drive "containing Social Security numbers, bank data and payroll information for about 100,000 employees." Well now a federal labor union has filed a suit against TSA over the lost drive. A quote from the article: "TSA's reckless behavior is clearly in violation of the law," said John Gage, AFGE's national president. "TSA must be held liable for this wanton disregard for employee privacy. A DHS agency that cannot even shield its own employee data is not reassuring." In the wake of the numerous embarassing privacy issues hitting the both the commercial and federal sectors, will this lawsuit bring about even more change?"

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