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+ - Steve Ballmer to unveil a drastic restructure of Microsoft on Thursday?->

Submitted by madmarcel
madmarcel (610409) writes "

According to numerous sources close to the situation, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is poised to unveil his plan to drastically restructure the tech giant this week. And, while timing might change, sources said that the current plan is to make it public on Thursday.

This potential restructure would give even more control over the company to Ballmer, and the mash-up of the previously separately reported on divisions would allow the company to hide some of its money-losing units."
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+ - Nokia and Microsoft at Last Chance Saloon-> 2

Submitted by madmarcel
madmarcel (610409) writes "There's something missing from this article though: Microsoft can just keep throwing money at this problem until they get it right...

"Microsoft and Nokia are loading up for their best — and possibly last — shot at denting a smartphone market dominated by Apple's iPhone and Google's Android mobile software.

If the new Lumia phones do not appeal to consumers when they are unveiled next Wednesday, it could mean the end for Nokia, and a serious blow to Microsoft's attempts to regain its footing in the mobile market, analysts and investors said.""

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+ - Another fake data compresssion algorithm->

Submitted by madmarcel
madmarcel (610409) writes "Did anyone invest in this?

More here
Another Failed Compression Promise: NearZero

Near Zero businessman arrested on fraud charges

$5.3m data compression fraud-accused in court"

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