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Comment: Arch and ArchBang (Score 4, Interesting) 357

by macxcool (#38460614) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Assembling a Linux Desktop Environment From Parts?
I like cobbling together my own desktop too... sometimes. I have a family computer at home with KDE, but my own laptop uses ArchBang which is really Arch Linux with Openbox. Openbox is very sparse though and you can use your own menus, taskbar, system tray, etc. etc. etc. I like the control and I like finding out what's out there and trying new solutions to the Desktop 'problem'.

+ - Good book for beginner Python programmer

Submitted by macxcool
macxcool (1370409) writes "I'm in technical support in an XP/Active Directory environment but have been working with Linux for many years. I've programmed in Commodore Basic ;-) (many years ago) and Bash (of course, including some fairly complex scripts) but am very interested in Python. Can anyone recommend a book that would get me into Python perhaps using an IDE like Eric. I'd like to have something that would get me doing some projects and get into GUI programming as well.
What do you think?"

Comment: It works nicely for me (Score 1) 821

by macxcool (#27859503) Attached to: Windows 7 "Not Much Faster" Than Vista
I installed Windows 7 RC on a HP-Compaq D530 with 512MB of RAM. The install was so much faster than XP's it wasn't funny (I'm used to installing Linux off a DVD in 1/4 the time XP will install). When I tried it out everything seemed to be very snappy, even running Explorer, IE8, Media Player at the same time. Switching between them was very quick too. I use Linux almost exclusively, but I have to admit, Windows 7 looks pretty good (although I'm very unlikely to spend the money to install it on one of my machines).

+ - Group Programming Assignment Solution

Submitted by macxcool
macxcool (1370409) writes "I'm looking for a method (or some software) that can be used in a Secondary School programming class to allow students to collaborate in groups on programming assignments in various languages (Turing, VB and Java for this class). We're in an Active Directory environment with Windows XP where the Site Admin cannot create Groups or Users (it's one school in a very large school board). Please ask if you need more info. about the setup.

... and no, I won't be giving out Admin passwords ;-)"

Comment: Re:Better than mplayer? (Score 1) 488

by macxcool (#27448253) Attached to: VLC 0.9.9, The Best Media Player Just Got Better
Geexbox is an excellent LiveCD media centre based on mplayer. Check it out, it rocks. Forget KB shortcuts; I use my ATI RF Remote with it. It even supports my TV card and allows me to watch TV. Network shares, local files, UPnP devices; they'll all work with Geexbox. They even have a customization gui that will remaster the iso with your personal pref.'s (runs in Linux or Windows).

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