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Comment Re:Good! (Score 1) 528

I disable AdBlock on websites that I want to support. Some of them notify me that AdBlock is installed and that they support themselves with ads. If I want to support the organization or if the product adds value to my life, I often disable the add-on and leave it disabled as long as the ads are not too terrible.

Comment Re:Basically WiFi with Sabbath mode then? (Score 1) 207

These are two very different things, aren't they? In the case of the routers we're talking about a claim that can be, and has been, tested scientifically. In the other case we're talking about something that science simply cannot speak to. Scientific knowledge is not the only type of knowledge. Science can only speak to a subset of reality.

Submission + - IT disaster recovery lessons from Waffle House ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: In IT, we often find ourselves in situations where planning for the future is the choice we would like to make, but making such plans would take away from the work we need to do now. Such is the lot of human beings: We can conceive of the future, but we're pretty bad at actually planning for it.

One example of such planning gaps in the IT world is that old bugaboo, disaster recovery. Everyone in IT knows they should do it, but rarely it gets done. In fact, disaster recovery planning is something that is not getting done in a lot of organizations. But every once in a while, an organization can break the mold and do a better job.

You wouldn't think Waffle House restaurants, a staple of interstate exits throughout the U.S. Southeast, would be a model for disaster recovery, but they are. The 24-hour restaurant chain has drawn up such a good disaster plan for their stores, people started noticing. If there's a natural disaster, such as a flood, hurricane, or tornado, Waffle Houses are pretty good about keeping their doors open and their hash browns flinging.

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