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Comment: Re:Not realistic. (Score 1) 257

by mactard (#43443699) Attached to: What's Next For Smartphone Innovation
I live in the bastion of wilderness better known as the South Loop in Chicago, so I understand urban cell-tower issues. Physics would dictate that your LTE signal, at 700MHz, is going to be better than your CDMA signal at 1900MHz. Not to mention, the difference in speed means that it spends more time sleeping instead of at full power (more physics?). Try turning LTE off for a day. Your battery life will be much worse. That's why Apple could squeeze in a bigger screen, a faster CPU and more RAM with the same battery and get more hours of web browsing. Physics.

Comment: Re:I like T-Mobile (Score 1) 198

by mactard (#43286331) Attached to: Another Way Carriers Screw Customers: Premium SMS 'Errors'
They did that after getting a bunch of 1900MHz spectrum in the failed AT&T deal. Their GSM service uses 1900MHz so between the two of those, and the fact that it's looking like LTE will be on 1700MHz in the US (they have a lot of that), it made sense to refarm their spectrum and not have to fight impossible battles to get phones on their network anymore.

Comment: Re:Instructions? (Score 1) 214

by mactard (#40690825) Attached to: Sale of IPv4 Addresses Hindering IPv6 Adoption
You need an ISP that is giving their customers IPv6 subnets (Comcast does, I'm not sure who else though), a newer router that supports IPv6 (everything that's current seems to) and Win7/WinVista/OS X post 10.1/Linux. It's zeroconfig from thereon out. I'm on IPv6 and it's been somewhat useful. I have a AAAA header on my domain so I can access my desktop without dyndns. It's really all about your ISP though.

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