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Comment: Re:This will be really cool to watch (Score 1) 73

by macson_g (#46332015) Attached to: SpaceX Testing Landing Legs On Next Falcon9 Rocket

The other amazing thing about all this is that it's pure experimentation. There's no risk, aside from costs, if something goes wrong with this experiment. [...]

Well, not entirely. First: they add extra fuel for the braking burn (or reduce amount of fuel available for ascent). Second: the legs will change the aerodynamic, and maybe other characteristics of the fuselage.

They did a braking burn before, so I assume 1. is already tested, but I wouldn't say that there is no risk.

And that's why it's so exiting!

Comment: Don't mix units (Score 2) 99

by macson_g (#46273999) Attached to: Up-Front Seats For Tonight's Near-Earth Asteroid
Either you say

3-football-field-long asteroid as it zips by us at nearly 50x the speed of commercial airliner

and you are doing sunday-newspaper pop-sci, or use actual units:

1000 feet long asteroid as it zips by us at nearly 27000 miles/h

and qualify for pop-sci column in illustrated weekly. Don't mix the conventions!

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