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Comment Re: John Oliver (Score 0) 954

Australia banned guns, and gun deaths were cut in half.

England, France, Germany, and Japan all prohibit guns, and have lower gun deaths than the U.S.

America has the highest number of gun deaths annually of any developed nation. And it's the only nation which allows its citizens to own guns en masse.

Is that some sort of coincidence?

Comment A very brief retirement, Elon (Score 1) 414

If the radiation doesn’t kill you, the perchlorates will. If the perchlorates don’t kill you, the lack of food will. If the lack of food doesn’t kill you, the low gravity will weaken your muscles and bones to the point that return to Earth will be impossibleand you’ll still die on Mars.

My bet: the trip to Mars will last longer than you will on the Martian surface.

Sorry Elon, but it would make more sense to build floating colonies on Venus than to colonize Mars.

Comment Re: it can't be that bad (Score 1) 109

Do you really believe that Trump or Sanders would be seated by the Electoral College? Those elites will put Clinton or some establishment Republican in the White House.

We need to get Americans involved in their government as they are in most of Europe and Australia, and as selfish as Americans are, this will only happen after the next global economic crash.

To paraphrase Churchill: America can always be counted on to do the right thing...after having exhausted all other available options.

Comment Re: So to summarize... (Score 1) 109

The last I checked, Jews weren't the majority of the CEOs, nor are they the majority of the leaders of the OECD countries.

American business has long hated Jews (well before World War II) so I'd love to hear your explanation for how Jews are running everything.

Perhaps your ire should be directed at the greedy sociopaths who want ever more power and money, rather than channeling Henry Ford with your anti-semitism.

Comment Re:Laws (Score 1) 822

We had all of those things in Vietnam and still couldn't manage to hold the country against an army mostly comprised of simple infantrymen with small arms.

An excellent point. Even if individuals could buy tanks, planes, and drones, only the very wealthy would be able to afford them. Citizens would never have them in sufficient numbers to prevail in an armed conflict with the federal government.

Comment Re:Laws (Score 1) 822

Most citizens support private gun ownership and they support some common-sense gun control laws, however when Liberals push for "Sensible gun controls" they are as believable as Conservatives pushing for "Abortion restrictions meant to protect the life of the mother."

Chief Justice Warren Burger was appointed by Nixon. Neither of them were Democrats, neither of them were liberals. For the first 175 years of this country's founding, the second amendment was interpreted to mean that the federal government could not do away with state militias, as the states might need those militias to protect themselves from an overbearing federal government.

It never ceases to amaze me how ignorant conservatives are. They read something on Drudge, or hear it on Fox, and they just assume it's true. The whole "I have a right to own a gun under the Constitution" movement only began in earnest in the last fifty years, and is a radical reinterpretation of the Constitution...because it's the WRONG interpretation.

Comment Re:Laws (Score 1, Interesting) 822

Remember how important stare decisis was to John Roberts before he became Chief Justice? For most of the history of the United States, conservatives like Warren Burger didn’t find any right to own a gun in the Second Amendment. It was only the Roberts Court that found such a right where none existed:

The NRA is not the slightest bit interested in gun safety, that’s a smokescreen. They’re the lobby for the arms industry.

Comment Re: US to be Blamed (Score 1) 399

I have a realistic solution.

Were John Roberts to leave the Court, Obama would appoint another Kagan or non-conservative as Chief.

At that point, the Court is 5-4 in favor of liberals, AND the Chief sets the agenda and the calendar.

We could reverse Citizens United, which stops corrupting politics with bribes, and get people into Congress who would actually improve the lives of Americans.

Now, who wants to volunteer to help Roberts retire?

Comment Re: To me, the U.S. government seems corrupt. (Score 1) 399

What a bunch of defeatist bullshit.

It's a specious argument to assert that democracy runs on lies in the U.S.; in European democracies the electorate is both educated and engaged, and does a terrific job reigning in their government abuses compared to the unfettered power we give abusers in the U.S.

And it wasn't always this way! Under Reagan, Bill Black put tons of bankers in jail for the S&L failures, while Bush and Obama did practically nothing to the bankers who wrecked our economy.

American democracy doesn't run on lies, but on the ignorance, apathy, and helplessness of the American voter.

Comment Re: US to be Blamed (Score 2) 399

That's just not true. Have a look at Article III, Section 2. Congress can pass laws that cannot be decided by the Supreme Court.

If Congress passes law which reads "money is property, not speech, and the Supreme Court may not review this law" and the President signs it, that's it. There's nothing Roberts and his cabal of right-wing traitors can do about it.

Comment Re: Ha (Score 1) 399

Here we go again.

Private insurance costs 30% to run, Medicare costs 3% to run.

I understand that you're just a worker bee, but those of us who own our own businesses are tired of overpaying for healthcare for our employees when government could do the same job for one-tenth the cost. In spite of their incompetence, government programs don't need to make a profit like private insurance companies do.

I fail to understand why dumbshits like you continue to want to hand over your money to private insurance companies which provide fewer benefits year after year, while raising prices 10% year after year. Is it simply that you're too ignorant to know you're being duped?

Hey libertarian idiots, you really want to shrink the size of government? If you're serious, then allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices again (THANKS Obama...oh wait, I mean Bush), and healthcare cost plummet.

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