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Comment Re:Update to Mavericks requires login to iTunes (Score 1) 380

It doesn't require an iTunes login, it requires an AppleID. You can make one just to use on your Mac if you want. Security and OS updates aren't restricted to being logged into the store either, just updates for apps that you got from the Mac App Store.

All of the AppleID functionality is optional as well. You can use 10.9 with no AppleID plugged in at all, but you give up the benefits of the iCloud services.

Why don't you want to login to a service? You logged into /. didn't you?

Comment My wife made the iPad jump a while ago. (Score 1) 417

A few months ago my wife started using my old iPad 2 more and more. Pretty soon it was all she was using and the kids were using her MacBook. For Christmas I got her a new iPad 4 and she was thrilled.

She mainly uses the web and email, with some rare Excel and Word document reviewing with iWork. For light photo touch up iPhoto has been fine too.

Comment I suppose we are stuck with "Warfighters" (Score 1) 210

They are soldiers! As far as I know the "warfighters" term came around during the 2nd Bush presidency, but I may be wrong.

I remember doing some work in the Pentagon at the time and everywhere there were signs about "warfighters". It's an asinine political terminology created to make everyone feel included when discussing the military. It would be like calling a programmer a "keyboardtyper".

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