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Comment: Re:Punishment fits the crime (Score 1) 1198

by macromorgan (#46879803) Attached to: Oklahoma Botched an Execution With Untested Lethal Injection Drugs
Nothing is proportional to murder. That's what makes it such a terrible crime; there's really no way justice can ever be served since it's impossible to repay the cost of a human life. Some people try with the death penalty, but to me it just reeks of vengeance, not justice.

Comment: Re:Local content? (Score 1) 96

by macromorgan (#46667271) Attached to: The Amazon Fire TV Is Kind of a Mess
A TiVo might be about as close as you're going to get... for now. One of the models with an ATSC tuner anyway (the 2 tuner Premiere or the 4 tuner Roamio). It requires pyTiVo on another machine to stream your own videos to it, and lacks Amazon Prime streaming. It does have Netflix, Pandora, Hulu, and can record whatever show you want. If your cable company does pull the plug the shows you recorded still work (you just can't record new ones obviously). I just wish they weren't so damned expensive ($550 for the Roamio for hardware and lifetime) and had more services, say nothing of their closed nature.

Comment: Re:Alternative Nomination (Score 4, Insightful) 343

by macromorgan (#46103089) Attached to: Edward Snowden Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize
I'm not sure Nobel would be turning too much. His whole goal of the Nobel prize was so people wouldn't look at his legacy harshly considering he invented dynamite (at the time what could be considered a terrible weapon of war). Instead of associating his name with death and destruction, we associate him with great feats in science or humanitarian work. Looks like he got exactly what he wanted.

Comment: Re:Hmmm ... (Score 2) 513

Why would you buy a PC from HP?

Great question. Even if you format the drive and load a clean copy of Windows, you still can't get the HP crapware out of the firmware. You know, the one that blocks you from putting any wireless card you want in a laptop... The truly evil part is that they RSA sign the firmware so you can't modify the hardware whitelist away. Seriously, stay away from HP.

Comment: Re: No Wine for Me (Score 1) 128

by macromorgan (#45764251) Attached to: Run Netflix On OpenSUSE
If I recall, they are using the WebCrypto HTML5 standards in their HTML5 implementations today. They use a plugin on Chrome OS, but only because those extensions aren't yet implemented in (non dev versions of) the browser. On that note, anyone successfully get it working in Chromium, preferably by enabling those extensions in the dev version?

Comment: Shocked That Elop is the Front Runner (Score 5, Informative) 183

Given what Alan Mulally had done for Ford as CEO and Boeing as a senior VP, I'm shocked he's not the front runner. He helped lead Boeing's resurgence against increased competition from Airbus, and then made Ford the strongest of the big three automakers and the only one able to weather the storm of the Great Recession. It would seem only fitting that he would be picked to lead Microsoft as it attempts to reinvent itself against growing competition.

Comment: Can't Believe Microsoft Thought it was a Good Idea (Score 5, Insightful) 246

by macromorgan (#44435189) Attached to: Asus CEO On Windows RT: "We're Out."
The main strength of Windows was its ability to maintain an impressive amount of backwards compatibility. A few applications aside, things I bought 10 years ago still work on my Windows 8 x64 machine (without virtualization or emulation). To attack two well entrenched competitors Microsoft went in guns blazing without what is historically been the most compelling feature of Windows. I have an MBA, and even I saw this coming...

Comment: Main Reason I went iPhone... (Score 1) 54

by macromorgan (#44370143) Attached to: First Apps Targeting Android Key Vulnerability Found in the Wild
This is really the main reason I'm still on an iPhone, despite being a mostly Linux fanboy. Apple is able to push software updates without having to deal with carriers' machinations, while Android requires both the manufacturer and carrier to be on board*. Apple has also supported the devices I owned for a minimum of 2 years from their launch. *(I'm aware of Nexus devices, however due to some licensing issues there are no Nexus Verizon phones, and Verizon as a carrier is a requirement).

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