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Comment: Re:Lets be honest here... (Score 1) 324

by macro187 (#32885192) Attached to: Ballmer Says Microsoft Is 'Hardcore' About Tablets

The only reason to use Windows is DirectX for gaming. I don't plan on gaming on a tablet so I doubt they are going to get anywhere with their plans. The fact that Linux isn't crushing Windows and MacOS at the moment is a testament to the Linux communities own dis-functionality. Please, we're begging you, get your act together.

Hear, hear. They were almost there back in the late KDE3 era but then snatched defeat from the jaws of victory with PulseAudio, KDE4, Hal/Udev/whatever, and a whole string of other half-baked turds.

Comment: Re:Patent risks (Score 2, Funny) 421

by macro187 (#31646098) Attached to: H.264 vs. Theora — Fightin' Words About Patentability

The biggest problem is that Mozilla's argument isn't technical. It's political.

Of course it's political. It's power. Power that a whole lot of people have spent the past decade voluntarily building up, to counterbalance corporate attempts to monopolise the web.

If that work hadn't been done, and Firefox didn't have the market share -- and therefore power -- that it has today, we wouldn't even be having this discussion. Because this entire issue would have been decided behind closed doors in some boardroom at Microsoft.

We're on the brink of seeing the last piece-of-shit corporate dependency -- Flash -- removed from the web.

Anyone advocating throwing that away in exchange for some minor technical advantage is either young, stupid, or suffering from a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome.

Wake up, Serf.

Comment: Re:Patent risks (Score 1) 421

by macro187 (#31644702) Attached to: H.264 vs. Theora — Fightin' Words About Patentability

This is a case where the FOSS community wants all of the benefits of patented software which is in this case technically superior without having to pay for it.

What? Seems clear to me that the entire issue is that the FOSS community does not want the patented software.

Also, what is an "open source patent free license"?

You don't really know what you're talking about, do you...

Comment: Re:A point to note (Score 1) 565

by macro187 (#31487170) Attached to: Scientology Tries To Block German Documentary

> I don't know of many other institutions that attempt to bully a national government, you know?

I take it you're not a member of a union?

I'm no fan of unions, but I think concerns that they wield some dangerous, overwhelming amount of power in our societies is misplaced in this day and age, and I have to question where people are getting the idea from and, then, why a comment like this ends up 5:Insightful.

I think it's obvious to anyone paying any attention at all these days that concerns about government manipulation, undemocratic power, etc. belong squarely with large corporations.

For example, I live in Canada, and a cursory search brought up the following list of top lobbyists, the majority of whom represent large, destructive corporations (oil, mining, etc.). I don't think I saw a single union on there.


More links to data appreciated.

Comment: Old FUD (Score 1) 679

by macro187 (#24610153) Attached to: What Will Linux Be Capable Of, 3 Years Down the Road?

...along with (much-needed) licenses to use patent-restricted codecs.

The "much-needed" part is old FUD. With the possible exception of some pro applications, the free codecs punch their weight just fine nowadays.

If your device or software doesn't play them, install one of these and complain to $company_trying_to_lock_you_in:


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